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The Refresh Recap – Edmunds, Google Interview, 4 Words and Pricing Strategy

What you may have missed…

DealerRefresh – The Blog

1. What Drives Auto Shoppers’ Behavior – eMarketer sat down with Kimberly to discuss what factors are influencing the way today’s consumers shop for their next vehicle and automotive products.

2. Pricing – Strategy or “Just a Tactic”? – Is your vehicle pricing a real Strategy or nothing more than a Tactic? This was a quick post on the blog to help support a fired up thread over on the forum.

3. De-Stressing the Dealership Environment – 3 things a dealership could do to help de-stress the the typical dealership environment.

4. The 4 Words That Make Sales Managers Sound Stupid – When are we going to get away from the phrase “Just get ‘em in” ?

5. Edmunds TMV vs TrueCar – Dealers, wake up! – Dealers, you have been warned. Now it’s up to you to make a decision. How much more transparency does our business need?

DealerRefresh – The Forum

We’ve had some stellar discussion in the forums over the last weeks or so. Be sure to review and weigh in!

1. Pricing – Strategy or “Just a Tactic”? – Should pricing be an integral part of a modern automotive marketing strategy?

2. Why Car Dealers will always fail at Social Media – Guy Kawasaki topics present the Secret Formula to Re-invent your Dealership

3. Pull the Coke Ads! We didn’t sell enough cola in July! – We had a LOUSY May — cut the advertising for June! We have to save expenses!

4. Provoking a Used Car lead – No pics or no price night increase leads on the short term but what about the long term effect?

5. Re-Marketing. Trend or Long-timer?  – What are your thoughts on display re-marketing?

6. BOB – What Has BOB Done for You? – AutoTrader’s Big Orange Button

Dale Pollak Webinar – Monday July 11th, 2011 – Dale will be discussing mid-summer trends – where the market is at and where it is headed.  In addition, I would like to invite you to participate in a Q&A. Click here to register.

It’s Not All About The Price When Buying A Car – A CarWoo stud

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