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The Decline of Traditional Media – Infographic

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When was the last time you read the newspaper?

The only use the newspaper gets in my house, is during the summer when we need something to cover the outside table with something before tearing into a bushel of crabs.

When was the last time you stood in front of the magazine stand at your local book store, not only to read the headlines on the cover of the latest tech magazine but then actually leave with the issue for some casual reading?

Local book store, that closed a year ago…right?

Can you remember the last movie you bought on DVD? I’m not sure I do. Chances are, it was a movie on Blu-Ray. Who would agree that’s going to have a short life?

If I can’t stream it or download it from either Apple TV, Xbox Zune marketplace or Nextflix, then there’s a good chance the movie has yet to be released. And why would I buy a physical disc when Apple allows me share my movies across all my Apple devices?

The changes in the way we consume our media have implications – not only for the media industry, but also for the Internet. PIPA and SOPA anyone?

From closing bookstores to declining mail subscription readership, here’s an infographic that helps summarize the transformation of the media industry.

Decline of the Media Industry infographic

Click here to see the full graphic provided by TotalBankruptcy, LLC.

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  • J
  • March 14, 2012
Print is dead.  I hate to say it.  We live in an age of search, research, and sharing.  That is all interactive.  The online world gives us access to more news and information that we can ever consume.  However...I love my newspaper, the wonderful writing styles of the editorial writers, the interesting stories it brings to my doorstep each day, and the wealth of local news it brings.  I am a newspaper addict, and I hope it never goes away.  
  • G
  • March 14, 2012
Why buy the paper when you can get it online for free. I sold newspaper advertising when it was no fun to sell. Thats when I got into the car business and Internet sales. Better money and a lasting future.
You have a whole generation of people growing up who have never actually used a rotary phone and have never worn a wrist watch. Newspaper??? Beginning to seem more like clay tablets or cave paintings in this digital age.