Free Car Sales Video Training Series: Turning Auto Leads Into Engagements

When shoppers on your website inquire with your dealership, the expectation of hearing from you is at its highest, be it a phone call, email, or text. But when they inquire with you indirectly by way of third-party automotive sites, sometimes their association with your dealership can be fuzzy, or in some instances, completely unexpected or unwanted.

Why do some shoppers forget why you are contacting them, or outright deny they ever asked to hear from you?

To address this, we’ve laid out five free car sales training videos in a series titled, “Turning Leads Into Engagements.” In these videos we address the following topics:

  1. Understanding the Mystery Car Lead
  2. Online Car Buying Behavior and the Value of Leads
  3. How Loyal Are Your Car Leads?
  4. Tips to Best Manage Your Car Leads
  5. Car Buyers Rely on Third Party Information

Understanding the Mystery Car Lead
We’ve all gotten it before. The Mystery Auto Lead. The consumer who says ‘How did you get my information?’ This dealer training video outlines the process by which auto shoppers submit their information on third-party automotive sites so that you can understand what they’re really saying and how you can improve your sales tactics to overcome objections.

Online Car Buying Behavior and the Value of Leads
Car buyers today spend an average of 17 hours online researching their next vehicle purchase. This dealer training video highlights the 24 touchpoints that influence car buying behaviors to give you a better understanding of the path to purchase, and the value that car leads continue to represent today.

How Loyal Are Your Car Leads?
Auto lead loyalty is a hot topic today, and one that needs to be addressed from a sales best practices perspective. In this dealer training video, find out whether or not consumers predominantly buy the vehicle for which they submit a lead. Knowing these important statistics can help you improve your sales process and sell more cars.

Tips to Best Manage Your Car Leads
If you’re not following the right car sales process, you could be leaving money on the table. In this important dealer training video, learn about the buying behaviors of today’s consumers and the steps you can take to keep more consumers in your brand, in your vehicles, and at your dealership versus the competition.

Car Buyers Rely on Third Party Information
Did you know that 64% of car buyers today say they still want and rely on third party automotive information? In this dealer training video, critical statistics are addressed about the behaviors of today’s online consumers, the importance consumers place on third party vehicle information, and why the right third party website can be your biggest and best sales and marketing tool.

About Scott Pechstein
Scott Pechstein serves as Vice President of Sales for Autobytel Inc. where he manages in-house and field sales and account management for the company’s broad range of industry leading products. Scott serves as an automotive industry spokesperson, a company news media spokesperson, and lead trainer of the Autobytel Dealer Insight Series. Scott also contributes sales insight for the development of the company’s client marketing communications programs. Scott is an NADA Convention, NADA 20-group, Digital Dealer, IS-20 Group, DrivingSales Insights, Autocon, and Internet Super Conference speaker

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