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QR Codes – Are We Still Talking About’m? YES!


By the year 2016 it is expected there will be over one billion smartphone owners, ready and able to shop, browse, research, click, text, post and scan. And, scan they will, according to Pitney Bowe’s recent report that looked into QR usage in the United States and Europe. To the surprise of many, it’s on the rise.

QR Codes are a hot and ongoing topic over here on the DealerRefresh forums. Over 300 comments, opinions and tricks for best practices at the dealership, this thread stays in the top 10 week after week and month after month.

According to the report, and kudos to smartphone adoption, QR code usage is on the rise and the time for any marketer to take advantage of this is right now. The report revealed that 19% of people surveyed in the US have used QR codes, with magazines attracting the highest percentage of users. TV and websites attracted the fewest, due to the transition from digital to digital not being as attractive as print to digital.

QR Code Placement Effectiveness
QR Code Placement Effectiveness

QR codes originated in a non marketing environment – so are we just trying to make them into something they are not?

Well, not exactly. As marketers, it’s our job to point consumers directly to where we want them to go, not give them too many options and QR codes do just that.

A QR code on the coffee cup in your service waiting area that takes them to a unique landing page with a form to receive future coupons?
A sign that reads, “Sign up today for email updates and coupons!”

An after-hours lot lurker scanning a QR code on a hang tag that takes him to a mobile model landing page with the current incentive and lead form.
A hang tag that reads, “$500 off!”

What do you think about using QR codes at the dealership? 

Are they here to stay and on the rise, or have they already had their 15 minutes?

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