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The Ultimate VDP Thread – Metrics, Ideas and Design

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The Ultimate VDP Thread – Metrics, Ideas, Design, and everything VDPs

It seems like on an almost daily basis another article or blog update is published about the importance of Vehicle Details Pages and how they should tie into your metrics and decision making. These three little letters lately seem to work themselves into most if not all discussions related to Automotive Digital Marketing, and it seems pretty clear that if you’re not a VDP Master, you’ll soon be eating the dust of the dealerships that are. This is still a new term to a lot of dealers and managers, but I think very shortly we’ll all be referencing VDPs with the same nonchalance that we do BDCs or SEO.

I thought it might be useful to make a thread dedicated to VDPs. We can cover topics like: how we measure them (cost per VDP view, VDP views per visit, etc.), why we measure what we do, what decisions we make based off of that data, how we improve our VDPs and get more eyes on them, how we get our customers to convert more often once they’re on our VDPs, what products/companies/classified listings support and/or measure VDPs, how we can use the information to hold our digital marketing companies more accountable, how costs per VDP view should differ depending on the type of SEM campaign, and more.

To start things off, what is your goal with your cost per VDP view? I’ve heard that $3-4 per VDP view or less should be what you shoot for. Also, has anyone heard of Lot Linx? I hear they have one of the lowest costs per VDP view out there.

Let’s get the discussion going!

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