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VIDEO: How to Use Dynamic Inventory Ads on Facebook and Google

Dynamically updated ads based on current dealer inventory are one of the hottest ad formats in automotive advertising right now. Not surprising, considering the dramatically improved targeting, relevancy, and performance these ads provide.

The benefits of dynamic inventory ads on Facebook and Google include:

  • Reach customers with laser-focused messaging based on their online car shopping behavior.
  • Retarget website visitors with ads promoting not only the vehicles they reviewed on your site, but also with similar vehicles in your current inventory.
  • Cross-device user recognition serves your ads to shoppers on mobile even when they first started on a desktop machine.

In October 2017 DealerRefresh Founder Jeff Kershner and I sat down with Hoot Interactive Founder Miles Olson and Dealer OMG Founder Andrew Street to explore the latest dynamic inventory advertising methods, strategies, and results that top-performing dealerships are implementing to get ahead, and stay ahead, of their competition.

In the workshop, we addressed the following questions about Dynamic Inventory Advertising:

  1. What are dynamic ads?
  2. How do dynamic ads work?
  3. What are the benefits of dynamic ads?
  4. What kind of performance results have dealers achieved using dynamic ads?

Below is preview of the webinar, which provides an overview of everything we covered. If you like what you see and are interested in viewing the full ‘edited’ version of the recording then visit the access request page or if you are a Premium Member then follow this link.

  • What are dynamic ads?
  • How do dynamic ads work?
  • What are the benefits of dynamic ads?
  • What kind of performance results have dealers achieved using dynamic ads?

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