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VIDEO: How to Reduce Lost Sales and Defection Rates

When the market is down, sales are declining, and lead volume is lower than normal.  How can your dealership respond, not just to maintain a flat line, but to turn around the trend and outsell the national average? What information is available, and what tools exist, to tackle this not-so-uncommon scenario?

When Morrie’s Brooklyn Park Subaru began experiencing a considerable decline in lead volume earlier this year, they were faced with this exact issue.

In this video with Morries Automotive Group Marketing Director Ben Robertaccio and AutoHook President David Metter, we look at how Ben’s Subaru dealership was able to increase sales and reduce defection rates despite down market conditions and a considerable decline in lead volume.

Talking Points include:

  • Hear straight from the dealer’s perspective of how they were able to reduce lost sales by over 50% in just 90 days.
  • Learn how to define your greatest sales opportunities and losses tied to a specific salesperson, lead or traffic source, model, competing dealer or brand, zip code, & more.
  • Continuously grow your market share using the latest methods of exposing holes within your dealership’s operations and the sources responsible for lost sales.


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