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Your Digital Marketing Expert’s last job was at McDonald’s

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Your Digital Marketing expert's last job was at McDonald'sYour “Digital Marketing Expert’s” Last Job Was at McDonalds

I enjoy this industry, I really do! I love how fast paced it is. I love the everyday unexpected challenges that are synonymous with the business. What really gets my negative juices raging is the number of “Automotive Retail and Digital Marketing Experts” operating in this space that have little to no expertise in Automotive or Web Marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are plenty of excellent web-minded marketing genius’ in this industry and many of them likely have less than stellar web skills. But these REAL Automotive Marketing Experts seem to be few and far between in my honest opinion. So I ask you all this question, Should we really be taking Automotive Website Marketing and Digital Marketing Advice from people and companies that would struggle to build even the simplest HTML Table?

How are so many of these agencies and companies getting away with preaching to us, our peers, and even our competitors Automotive Marketing wisdom when they have no Web or even Automotive retail knowledge? Why are we letting them get away with this?!

Today, I’m in a good mood so I’ve decided to hold off in calling any one particular company or agency out. But I did want to bring this topic to light and have an open discussion on the refresh board. I may be wrong about this and I’m completely willing to accept it but I want to see the business and this industry improve and become even more competitive. And I firmly believe that will not happen (at least not at the rate it should) with so many non-experts claiming to have the golden Automotive Marketing Ticket.

What do all of you think? </rant>

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