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The ONE Must Have Feature You NEED to Advertise – And How!

CarStory gave a random pool of participants, ages 18 to 65 years, a list of the top 25 used car features as identified by their data science team as being high in consumer demand. Each participant selected their “must-haves” from among the list.

What did they choose?

Music / Media connectivity!

TIP: HIGHLIGHT  the media connectivity features on each of your Used Cars (New too)! Bluetooth, iPhone/iPod, MP3, USB – mention any iPhone and Android compatibility!!

  • Take additional close up photos of the iPhone/iPod/USB connections or adapter.
  • Get a close up photo of the Bluetooth icon.
  • Another photo and highlight any mention of iPhone and Android connectivity.
  • Mention these features in bold & CAPITAL text in your vehicle descriptions.
  • Start your vehicle descriptions highlighting mobile connectivity.
  • Don’t forget to mention it in your Walkaround Video.

You’ll have to give up some information, but you can download the full CarStory White paper here.

What other way could you highlight your used car feature(s) around music connectivity? Comment below

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