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AutoAccelerator CRM – New DealerRefresh Ad Sponsor

DealerRefresh welcomes new sponsor – AutoAccelerator CRM

autoacceleratorcrmAutoAccelerator CRM is revolutionizing the automotive CRM landscape with its most recent software release, AutoAccelerator CRM ,version 3.5. You may be asking, “What’s revolutionary about it?”

Built on open-source LAMP platform which allows for greater security, reliability and rapid development. You won’t be locked into old, proprietary code that doesn’t keep pace with the latest, emerging technology. It is compatible with most browsers including Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

User Interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate even for the most novice user. The layout is contemporary, organized, clean and designed to reduce clicks and engage users so they will use the system more consistently.

Lead Angel – AutoAccelerator CRM comes standard with Lead Angel Technology. Lead Angels ensure that users use and managers manage your CRM system. You personal Lead Angel monitors usage, lead logging, task management and internet lead response times. She takes note of opportunities for improvement and takes the initiative to contact individual users at your dealership and offer training or support to encourage participation and adoption.
Your Lead Angel will also contact management regularly to review her findings, results and suggestions on CRM processes.

Complementary CRM Services – With AutoAccelerator CRM, you can leave the database management, follow-up and CSI building to them. You can choose how much or how littlefollow-up you want to handle yourself and they’ll pick up the slack. For example, you may want to follow-up via email and phone on your internet leads and new sales opportunities yourself and have them create, print and deliver your owner-base follow up letters and make your CSI calls.

About AutoAccelerator CRM
Never heard of AutoAccelerator CRM? That’s not surprising… but that doesn’t mean that they’re the new kids on the block. AutoAccelerator CRM is a subsidiary of Customer Focused Marketing (CFM). They’ve actually been around since 1997, providing best-in-industry CRM services and support to automobile dealers across the country.

Their CRM philosophy has always been, “CRM success is more about how the technology is applied in the real world than the actual technology itself.” While AutoAccelerator CRM has all of the advanced features you would expect to see in an ILM / CRM management tool and more, it also comes standard with the most professional, hard-working and dedicated account support team you will ever have the
pleasure of working with.

For more information, visit www.AutoAcceleratorCRM.com. You can follow AutoAcceleratorCRM on twitter @myleadangel

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