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Autojini_logoCompany Name: AutoJini

Phone: 1-515-232-2042
Online Since
: April 18th, 2002
Location: Ames, IA 50010

Homepage Title
: Auto dealer website design, car dealership websites developer,
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: 3/10

Message from AutoJini about their website services


Thank you for profiling and giving us this opportunity.

At AutoJini, we specialize in building elegant, sales-driven websites for auto dealerships. Our number one goal is to help dealers convert website visitors into leads, without the high price tag. Our elegantly designed, easy-to-navigate websites enhance a dealership’s online presence and become an effective leads generation tool for dealers.

Our strategy goes beyond mere search engine optimization. After researching the competition and local market, we start by constructing the site with the right keywords, page titles, meta tags and descriptions. Then, we add on many of what we call the “basics”:

  • submit the site to the top 10 auto directories, the DMOZ and local search engines
  • provide Google and Yahoo sitemaps in XML format
  • export inventory to third party sites (, Google Base, Vast, and
  • offer inventory details in RSS format
  • offer sales and marketing coupons on the website, in RSS format

Since we customize each site, we offer a long list of features and the expertise to solve what dealers often believe are impossible problems in the world on eCommerce and internet sales. 

We create an interactive, integrated user experience that draws the customer’s focus to the dealership and its products.  Once a visitor reaches one of our dealers’ websites, they don’t get “lost” or frustrated.   Just the opposite, in fact. Aside from keeping the website design professional and easy-to-navigate, we offer the right mix of “call to action” features designed to “hold” the customer.   We attract customers and promote leads generation through:

  • Pay-Per-Click Program Management (I believe we are the only website vendor that has Google Adwords Professional Qualification.)
  • Special Marketing Programs (i.e., we are currently offering $110 in
    Adwords spending for each dealer who signs up with Adwords through us)
  • Enhanced Search-Engine-Optimization
  • Window Sticker & Buyer Guide Printing and Design
  • Internet Lead Management System
  • Live Chat
  • E-Bay Auction Management
  • Inventory Exports to, AutoTrader and others 3rd parties
  • Email marketing that is fully CAN-SPAM complaint.
  • Coupon Management System
  • Custom Programming

When using AutoJini, dealerships have the comfort of knowing the websites we develop, and which run on our back-end systems, are guaranteed to work on all major web browsers and operating systems   (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera on a Mac, Windows, and Linux).  This means both the dealership’s website, backend administration, and customers’ computers will interact smoothly.

Syed Azam
[email protected]
515-232-2024 (US)
519-342-3004 (Canada)

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  • J
    James Jalali
  • August 23, 2008
We have been working with Autojini for 4 months now. After searching for a while and talking to many service provider and comparing services they all offer finanly decided to work with Autojini and I must say that their service is great and I have recieved all that i have been promised.