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The Weekly Refresh – Bill Heard Chevy, Video Advertising, Larry Tabloff, Google G1 or BlackBerry Storm

  • Weekly_refreshBill Heard Chevrolet closes all of their 13 Chevy dealers. Of course it’s easy the blame current market conditions, but did the online reputation of their dealers have any influence on this as well? Cliff Banks and Amit Aggarwal both explorer this possibility.
  • Online Video Advertising Starts Looking Good
    – “With 67% of all Internet users now viewing some form of video advertising—in-stream, in-banner or in-text—at least once a month, the audience has reached critical mass,” says David Hallerman. Here is the entire eMarketer article
  • Larry Tabloff Joins Auto Dealer Traffic as Vice President of Sales – What’s happening over there at Black Book Online? Give Jeff a call Larry! Go here for the press release.
  • Where Is Online Video Headed? – eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey spoke about the future of online video in another eMarketer article
  • Automotive Internet Sales Rep wanted – found this sorry excuse for a job placement ad. I see so many of these written the same way. “If we give you 100 – 150 Internet leads per month can you sell 20 new cars?” I bet this dealer is dialed in!
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Brett Hill- CEO
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    Bill Playford
  • October 6, 2008
The dealer is dialed in, or still using dial-up? :)
  • J
  • October 7, 2008
i din't get u.
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DUI </a>

I met with Larry at the conference... He was a key player for me when we contracted with BlackBook Online (which has been a very good move for us). Looks like Auto Dealer Traffic brought in a great addition to their team! Congrats Larry!
Big congrats to Larry!