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Live Chat Helps Them Sell Cars – CAO Annual Survey

Contact at Once conducted its annual survey and, surprising to not many, chat is where it’s at.

Why you’re missing out on potential sales when you don’t have chat:

  • 7 in 10 say they would welcome a chat with a dealership.
  • Young shoppers will chat and then buy – almost 100% are looking to chat online with you.
  • Customers are more informed and ready to buy when they hit the lot – and they’re chatting before hitting the lot.
  • Chat is preferred over lead forms.
  • Chat users sell more cars than non-chat users.
  • Chat use is growing, particularly mobile chat use.

Plus, the use of chat on various platforms, such as, dealership websites, online ad listings, OEM sites, social media, etc. – is expanding rapidly, from under 2 million chats generated by consumers just three years ago to a projected 7 million in 2013.

Are you chatting at your dealership and if so, would you agree with the survey results? – Sound off in the comments

COA Survey - shoppers prefer chat
COA Survey – shoppers prefer chat

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