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SEO vs SOCIAL MEDIA – which would you choose?

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SEO vs SOCIAL MEDIA – which would you choose ?

If you could choose only one and ONLY one – which would you choose to add to your dealers marketing mix?


seo vs social - which would you choose?
seo vs social – which would you choose?

Now, before you jump the gun and start commenting (over in the forum), allow me to define the two for the purpose of this discussion…

When referring to SEO: traditional on page SEO content for your dealership website. This includes the optimization of individual content pages, inventory pages (VDP) with the addition of a strong blogging platform (preferably an extension of your dealers primary domain).

Your dealer website / blog can include social “share” buttons but remember, if you choose SEO you have none of your own (dealer) social pages/accounts. So only social share buttons would be permitted.

When referring to Social Media: the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such. The sharing of self generated or outside content but used ONLY within your social pages.

If you choose Social – you’re opting OUT of any onsite / on page SEO. This includes anything past generic tagging and content on your dealership website.

I know many of you will feel obligated to speak up and comment on the fact that SEO and Social go hand in hand and the fact that SEO has “changed”. I believe most of us reading this are already in the know, BUT for the sake of this conversation, we are separating the two.

Consider – If you only have the bandwidth to seriously dedicate resources to one or the other which of the 2 are you going to choose?

WHY did you choose the one you did?

Which do you believe will deliver your dealership better results?

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