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CAR Research – New DealerRefresh Ad Sponsor

DealerRefresh Welcomes a New Ad Sponsor – CAR-Research

Since 1995, CAR Research, Inc. d.b.a. Consumer Automotive Rapport has paved the way for the use of market research in the automotive industry.

CAR-Research is a full service solutions provider. From Sales to Service, BDC to Marketing, CAR-Research has a solution to help your dealership increase its marketing share and customer satisfaction. Utilizing CAR-Research services can fill your sales funnel and steam-line your sales process.

Some of their features include:

  • Complete CRM Software
  • Internet Lead Manager
  • Showroom Control Manager
  • Marketing Center
  • Missed Opportunity Interviews
  • Sold / Service Interviews
  • Service Reminder Program
  • Service Drive Control Manager
  • Full Mail House
  • BDC Consulting
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Bi-Directional DMS Integration

To read more about CAR-Research and their services, click here.

Please Note: Our sponsors are important to us, and we hope to advertise products and services that we feel would be relevant to the community, however sponsors are not necessarily “endorsements” of dealerrefresh. As with any purchase, always do your research and comparisons. Find out if Advertising on DealerRefresh.com works for your company.
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