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Client~ConneXion – New DealerRefresh Ad Sponsor

DealerRefresh welcomes new sponsor – Client~ConneXion

Client~ConneXion knows how important web traffic is to your dealership website. They also know it’s even more important to “Stop the Shop” to those same website visitors. That’s the philosophy that they’ve built their business on.

Their Live Web Chat Application truly “UPs”every Web Visitor!

It’s like having a greeter on your website just waiting to help the next customer. And the customers appreciate the immediate attention and service.

Not only do they automatically greet every visitor, they also hand you a crystal ball into your customer’s shop. By delivering the Behavioral Analytics to every visitor, Client~ConneXion dealers are able Co-Navigate with their customers, and are tuned in to where they came from and what they are shopping for before ever speaking to them. Their Onsite Accountability Training program assists both Sales and Service staff to stay in front of their customers. The Live Web Chat Application allows your dealership the ability to assist your customers live, when the iron is hot.

Client~ConneXion also offers the SFE Procurement Program, an After-Hours Lead Response Solution geared to the GM dealers OneSource leads Standards for Excellence program.

About Client~ConneXion

Client~ConneXion is a software solution firm based out of Dallas, TX that specializes in providing a Live Web Chat Application that pro-actively engages and “UP’s” every web visitor for auto dealers throughout the country. Client~ConneXion Founder, Timothy Michael, feels that “consumers expect instant attention and by accommodating their need for a quick response, it typically stops the shop and we’re happy to provide that solution through the SFE Procurement Program or via the Live Web Chat. Instant contact and response is what we’ve built our business on.”

For more information visit www.ClientConneXion.com

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