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DealerRater Reviews to Facebook FanPage Wall – How to Video

I often get the question “How can does one get their individual DealerRater reviews posted on their Dealerships Facebook Page ?” We’re referring to your dealerships fb page “Wall” and not a tab.

I decided to cut a quick video. It’s easier to show than write about it….

I know this might be a little 101 for some, but unless you know where to look for – it’s not too obvious and you need to know where to grab the URL from.

Are you posting individual DealerRater reviews to your dealerships Facebook Wall?

UPDATE: Our good friends over at DealerRater did watch this video and quickly took action on the suggestion we pointed out in the video. Now when you post an individual customer testimonial on your dealers Facebook fan page the DealerRater logo posts as well. Thanks Chip!!

DealerRater Logo on Facebook

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  • C
  • December 15, 2010
Ask and ye shall receive. DealerRater logo attached to the post when you share it on facebook.

LOVE the video. If you didn't use the video to explain the steps, it would be far more difficult to re-create.


These short "how to" videos are very valuable. I agree with Joe on how easy they are to follow.

Keep them coming!

Thank you.
Worked very nicely. The logo looks good too!
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    Stefan Precup
  • December 18, 2010
Thanks Jeff. Please keep them coming.
Chip - thanks for acting on the suggestion. AWESOME!!

Thanks everyone for watching and commenting. I know these are simple little things but often overlooked.

I hope to keep sharing neat little ideas like this as they come about. Look forward to a great 2011 here on DealerRefresh. :)