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Dealix Help Streamline the Sales Process by Improving Lead Quality and Speed of Delivery

Dealix Announces Major Platform Upgrade – Enhancements Eliminate Trade-Off between Lead Quality and Speed of Delivery

Redwood City, CA, March 24, 2009 – Dealix, a division of Cobalt, the leading provider of quality leads for new cars and used cars, today announced enhancements to its lead delivery platform that will make lead transfer time nearly instantaneous, while identifying, processing, and delivering higher quality leads for the company’s dealer customers.

Lead Platform 2009, already in use for delivery of new car leads, is the result of an investment in enhanced network architecture, as well as the incorporation of additional data services to help streamline the sales process. Additional data sources include On-Demand Lead VerificationSM services provided through Dealix’s relationship with TARGUSinfo. Dealix, a pioneer in automotive lead delivery, has been delivering quality sales leads to dealers since 1998. These platform enhancements represent the company’s largest investment in technology upgrades to date.

Dealix Lead Platform 2009 will benefit customers in three specific ways:

  • Faster Lead Delivery: Nearly 90% of new car leads are now reaching Dealix customers in a matter of seconds. This enables dealers to respond to customers’ requests for information without delay, providing a better overall consumer experience and leading to faster sales.
  • Reduction in Delivery of Duplicate Leads: Platform enhancements include additional processes to recognize customers requesting more than one auto quote, and to ensure that dealers are not served duplicates.
  • Quality Controls: The new platform incorporates TARGUSinfo On-Demand Lead Verification services to confirm consumer names, addresses, and phone numbers contained within the lead.

“Successful auto dealers know that in today’s economy, the ability to identify and quickly respond to each in-market car buyer right away, whether they’re in the market for a new car or shopping for used cars online, will lead to more sales and a better consumer experience,” said Anna Zornosa, general manager of Dealix. “Dealix has made the investment so that our customers don’t have to make a tradeoff between speed of delivery and lead quality.”

“We are very pleased to have the number one lead generator in the automotive industry utilizing our On-Demand Lead Verification services,” said Dave Wengel, general manager, Interactive Markets for TARGUSinfo. “It’s no question that the verification of lead information is the bedrock of a best-in-class lead generation program. Dealix handles nearly one in three sales leads for the auto industry, and the impact of combining TARGUSinfo verification services with Dealix’s new platform will be far reaching.”

Manuel Souza, sales director for Anderson Honda of Palo Alto, Ca, also commented on the added value Dealix is offering to dealers and car buyers. “In today’s tough economic times, competition is fierce, and time is everything when it comes to responding to Internet customers’ requests. The enhanced Dealix platform addresses pain points we have had with other providers in getting us leads quickly,” said Souza. “We like to connect with our prospective customers while they’re still at their computer, and Dealix is helping us to do that. Lead quality is also important, and the enhanced Dealix platform runs the lead through various checks to ensure the information is correct and the customer is valid before we even call them. I’ve used Dealix for years. The quality has always been there, and now with the enhanced platform, it’s even better, and we are getting in touch with more customers than ever before.”

About Dealix
Dealix, a division of Cobalt, is the world’s leading provider of quality automotive sales leads for dealerships, dealer groups, and automotive manufacturers. Dealix has the broadest reach and the highest quality lead supply network in the industry, including Kelley Blue Book,, AOL Autos, Yahoo! Autos, MSN Autos, and others. Dealix represents Edmunds’ Premier Dealer Program and powers MSN Autos’ lead platform. Dealix’s advanced quality control and routing technology matches thousands of serious new and used vehicle buyers to the most appropriate dealers daily, delivering a quality user experience while providing dealers one of the most efficient methods to sell more cars.


Of course it’s always a car dealers best practice to focus on speed of response. The faster you can repsond to a customers needs the our chances are at gaining the opportunity to earn their business.

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