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Digital Dealer 6 Conference – Are you going?

The 6th Digital Dealer Conference will be held on April 19-21, 2009

I’m not going, are you?

The agenda looks jammed packed, and If I were going…here are the a few of the speakers I would go see:

Increase Your Web Traffic 30 Percent in Just 30 Days
Over a dozen real-world ways to immediately increase your web traffic and build a strong foundation for the future will be discussed. Even if you are having great success with your current tactics – learn more to add to your arsenal. – Duncan Scarry (I’ve never seen this dude nor heard of his company, it’s always interesting to see someone you have never heard of before.)

Please, God, What Does It Take to Sell a Car? General Session
Personalizing the process with the newest technology and putting the prospect’s desires before your own will lead to higher closing ratios, stronger profits, happier sold customers, and enlightenment – Gilbert Chavez, Joe Webb, and Kim Clouse (I’d have to go support Gilbert, Joe, and Kim – what a great group of guys!)

How to Avoid the Five Foolish Mistakes Leaders Make in a Recession – KEYNOTE SPEAKER
This program will cover five common and devastating missteps leaders make during the tough times and present strategies for overcoming them. It will also provide tactics for reversing the errors you may have already committed so that you can jumpstart growth and accelerate momentum in your department – Dave Anderson (Agreed – In a recession, you simply must move farther and faster in order to thrive)

How to Use Video Search Engine Optimization to Drive More Business to Every Department in the Dealership
Marketing dollars are becoming scarce in the dealership, but using a video strategy to leverage the most advanced tactics and technology will help you build web traffic to your site, and bring in more customers to your store – Sean V. Bradley (Sean is always a dynamic speaker and video continues to grow, dealers need to have a plan around video)

Keywords That Convert: Leveraging Chat and Google for Explosive Results
Building great online marketing, one chat conversation at a time – Todd Smith (who could deny a face like that? And..He’s a really smart dude too 🙂 )

The Dealer’s Evolution – From Internet Department to an Internet Dealer
Yes, we can! It’s absolutely to move your dealership toward being an Internet dealer, in order to thrive, not just survive – Rafi Hamid (Rafi Hamid has been doing this for a long time and offers some great knowledge)

How to Build, Manage, and Leverage a Positive Online Reputation
No cost tips to increase your store’s revenue and market share. To survive in this economic climate, dealers must transform their practices and embrace new reputation management tools – Matt Lamoureux with (If you really follow me, you’ll know that I’m all about online reputation management)

How to Use the Internet as the Most Cost Effective Advertising Medium Ever Created, including Actionable Steps to Add Dollars to the Bottom Line and Become a Hero in a Down Economy
Now is a critical time to change how your dealership thinks and spends advertising dollars – and you are in a unique position to point it in a new direction – Christy Roman. (With a title like could you NOT attend?)

Internet Driven Accessories Sales – Strategies and Best Practices for Success in a Down Economy
Tips and practices to generate additional profits with Internet driven accessories sales.As unit vehicle sales continue to decline in 2009, accessories represent a path to additional profits – profits that a dealership can no longer ignore – Amit Maheshwar (I have a secret to online accessories sales that I have shared with only a few..yes it really works!)

Deep Dive Into your Current Lead Process
For Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership attendees only!! – Douglas Mitchell (WTF? Oh well…my dealer group has a Ford dealer so I guess I’d be privy to all the Ford Secrets to Lead Process!!..wonder how that’s working out for them?)

How to Use Web 2.0 in a High Powered Guerrilla Marketing Strategy
Leverage Web 2.0 sites using OEM supplied content and your customer lists to create business opportunities that will help you sell cars and prosper at a time when dealers are cutting expenses – Ralph Paglia (Nothing but respect for Ralph, always guaranteed to get something from the Automotive Genius)

E-mail is Killing You!
Type one wrong word and you’re dead… you will laugh when you recognize the real world examples of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of e-mail – Ralph Paglia (yeah I have Ralph in here twice, but if you would only see the emails that go out from dealers every would understand why I would recommend sitting through this session)

Technology Driven Sales & Marketing…
Stuff that Really Works for Real Dealers, with Real Customers, in the Real World – James A. Ziegler (for shitz and gigglz)

Video Walk-Arounds: The Only Way to be First in Search
This in-depth session will explain how creating video walk-arounds will not only increase lead conversion on your dealer web but learn how to use video to drive leads from Google. – John Lilly (auggghhhh.. maybe if you live in the town of Sleepy Hollow)

Newbie Training Session: Internet Automotive Sales 101 – a Primer
HEY…It’s a FREE BONUS SECTION!! Geesh…thanks Mr. Roscoe, you’re such a nice guy!!

This session serves as an introduction to Internet/technology-related sales. Either way, you’re getting in front of 2 great speakers/consultants and friends of mine, David Kain and Todd Smith. If you’re new to Internet marketing and sales, give these 2 gentlemen the opportunity to teach you some core processes you need to know to be successful at the dealership.

I’m sure I missed a few good speakers here and there but these are the ones that stuck out the most to me.

I’m not going, are you?

If you’re going to the Digital Dealer Conference, feel free to post your comments and reviews here…we would love to hear’m!

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
I want to go, but sadly cannot. I'm hoping to make it to something later in the year.

When does the DealerRefresh conference start?....April 15th? :)
Ugh...I am away at school that week and very frustrated that I cannot attend. Two of my favorite things...Vegas and an automotive Internet Conference. Although being that it is Vegas, I probably wouldn't be going to too many seminars.
  • J
    Jon Groenig
  • April 11, 2009
Jeff if you and Alex are not attending, who is going to represent Dealer Refresh Consulting Group in the vendor hall???? With the number of people you hooked with the gag on this site just think how many checks you could collect at the conference:)
I will be attending to listen and learn and I am even presuming to teach at my seminar discussing social networking and blogging. Coincidentally, I am referencing DealerRefresh.Com in my seminar as a contributor to our pending "Network of Networkers" - Auto Industry Insights. Jeff is a member of our Advisory Panel and him and his are a shinning example of how to help you and yours on an auto industry social networking site!

PS: If you are planning on attending I am hosting a "Network of Networkers" party as a kick off to the conference on Saturday night since many people are arriving early amd Mike does not have anything planned for then. FirstLook is co-sponsoring the evening with me and some shared friends - Joe Webb, Kim Clause, Gilbert Chavez and Joe Grieshop. We will all be there to greet everyone. If you are planning on attending, you are invited to toast our missing friends - like Jeff!
I waiting for the one in Nashville! Maybe this fall Mr.Roscoe?
Jeff, Alex,

I will miss you guys not being there this time. The mountains just got some new snow, so your welcome out here anytime! Spring skiing is always the best. Thanks for the props on seeing our General Session.

I am also giving a break out session on Grassroots Marketing. I think it is pretty awesome. If anybody who is not attending wants a copy, they can e-mail me and I will send them a pdf of my presentation. However, I have to send it after the conference is over.

I have been trying to talk Mike into holding the conference in Denver or Colorado Springs. We are centrally located and spring time in the rockies is so incredible.

Jeff, you got me on the April Fools joke. I was ready to partner up with you! LOL!

It was even better than your Reynolds/iMagic joke a few years back.

I hope you both have a great holiday!
I will be attending as well as speaking on:

The One-Man Internet Department
"How to thrive on free products"

Stop in and say hello

Coincidentally, I am referencing DealerRefresh.Com in my seminar too. One of the BEST free information sites on the web! Thanks guys!

I think Jon Groenig (or as Phil calls him Joe) should represent Dealer Refresh Consulting Group in the vendor hall I hear he is very good at giving stuff away. Give an expense account I’m sure he will come home broke. All on Black Baby!
I am most likely going and will make the final decision last minute. I have a room booked but not a flight yet. Good things flights are inexpensive from here. It will be great to see friends and do some more learning.
I will be attending and am looking forward to the conference. There are a lot of great topics, speakers and attendees with whom to engage. Although there are multiple sessions that relate to our business, I am very interested in hearing about Web 2.0, in particular, social media. I anticipate a lot of discussion within our organization as a result of all attended sessions!

Dealer Specialties will have a couple of our top consultants in the booth and I'll be there in between sessions as well. We are looking forward to speaking with conference attendees.
Does this mean I need to get another picture with the cheerleaders to post on the Dealer Refresh forum??? Lol - I am looking forward to attending. Will definitely see my good friend Gil Chavez, Shaun Raines better be there, and Alex Jefferson. Andrew Difeo - isn't this two in a row you have missed???
Kevin - You will be the official cheerleader picture taker for Dealer Refresh. I'll see ya there buddy.
Thanks for remind me Kevin, would have liked to have caught up with you and the rest of the group. Here's hoping it returns to Orlando in the fall!
Alright Andrew - I am counting on seeing you at the next one...
I'm going and although I wasn't planning to be a speaker this time... that has changed in the last two days. More to come on that, so stay tuned.
I'll be going and I will also be conducting a seminar on Monday at 5:15 pm. The seminar will cover the 10 skills (think personalities) that need to be integrated into your Internet Sales department to dominate your competition in organic search.

I hope members of Dealer Refresh can make it to the seminar or if you would like to meet up for a drink, call me on my cell 732-672-2356.
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