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Digital Dealer 9 #DD9 – The Agenda

The 9th Digital Dealer Conference starts Tuesday, October 12 in Las Vegas.

Attending Digital Dealer 9? Download the agenda here.

I’ll be getting in around 2:30pm on Tuesday..the previous conferences started out with classes more for the beginner but it looks as if Cliff has the conference starting off strong with the General Session – What’s Next?

The Panelists include: Chip Perry, CEO and President of;
John Holt, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing for ADP Dealer Services (formerly Chairman and CEO of the Cobalt Group) and Mitch Golub, President

Cliff Banks will be moderating the discussion on ways dealers can be in position to leverage new technologies that are right around the corner. I’m actually sorry I’ll be missing out on this one – I wouldn’t mind hearing what these 3 guys has to say about “what’s right around the corner“.

From there where do you go? Lots of session to choose from and if you don’t somewhat map our your agenda before hand you can find yourself missing out on a session you otherwise should have attended. Another reason to map it; sometimes the rooms get filled up, so if you’re a little late it could be a hassle finding a seat. Trust me, print out the agenda and map out the sessions you want to attend.

If you’re in a session with me PLEASE Introduce yourself and SAY HELLO!!

I’m sure I’ll be tweeting some good stuff from the conference, so don’t miss out and Follow me on Twitter. Maybe we’ll to a DealerRefresh Tweet up one evening. 🙂

Here’s the agenda I have mapped out for myself  –  of course this could change between now and then..

Session #109 – Appraisal Process 2.0
Best practices to boost revenue
Speaker: Zalud


Session #107 – The Significance of Search Engines in the Auto Industry
How search engines have radically changed the car buying process and where the future of automotive search is heading
Speaker: Scarry

I’m torn between these two. I still like to sink my teeth in process but I’m also curious to hear Scarry speak on Search.

Session #113 – Differentiation vs. Alignment – The New Digital Marketing Debate
What is more profitable – marketing your dealership’s brand or riding your OEM’s marketing coattails?
Speaker: Hillyer

“Hear a panel of dealers from GM, VW and Hyundai discuss their experiences in seeking the right balance in their marketing efforts between dealership brand building and OEM advertising alignment. They will share the approaches they have tried and the results they achieved. You will leave the session with insights and tools to guide you in building an effective digital advertising strategy.”

I believe a dealers positive Brand can be staple of driving traffic online and offline. So, I’m curious to sit through this session.

Session #122 – You Can’t Close a Click
Creating an integrated digital marketing strategy that will deliver real results in the form of inbound phone calls and high-quality e-mail leads
Speaker: Troy Smith

I’ve never heard Troy Smith speak but it looks as if he has a diverse background from other verticals.

That’s it for day 1.

Day 2 – GENERAL SESSION: How Did They Do it?
Paragon Honda Skyrockets from #17 to #1 in Six Months
Learn 20 new ideas that Paragon implemented to become the largest and most profitable new and certified pre-owned Honda and Acura dealer in the world

A real-world case study that describes Paragon’s strategy to become the #1 Honda new and crtified pre-owned volume dealer in the world, while also maintaining the highest revenue per customer of any other dealer in its market. While many dealers shoot for volume and others focus on profits, Paragon achieved both while increasing its CSI to record breaking levels.

Session #202 – The Party’s Over!
How to play by the new rules and thrive in the Internet age of the automotive retail industry
Speaker: Andrew DiFeo

I’ll be here to support Andrew – a long time DealerRefresh reader and contributor. I’m sure Andrew will be speaking on dealer transparency. I know he’s been a huge advocate of this practice for a long time.

Session #212 – How to Develop an Effective Digital Strategy with your Current CRM Efforts for 2011 and Beyond
Effectively utilizing today’s technologies
Speakers: Shaun Kniffin and Bill Leek


Session #214 – The Value Proposition
How to magnetize customers and become the dealer of choice
Speaker: Greg Wells

I’m actually leaning towards the Value Proposition session (though never a regret hearing Shaun speak).

Session #220 – The Digital Presence Revolution
What it is, why it’s important and how to take control of it
Speaker: Shaun Raines

I’ll be here to support Shawn. Shawn has written several articles for DealerRefresh including What Do Customer Really Want in a Car Buying Experience? and is always a dynamic speaker will great information to share.

Session #223 – Looking Inside the Crystal Ball
Real life dealership examples showing you how to become leaner and meaner in the market, driving money right to your bottom line
Speaker: Kevin Frye

I wouldn’t miss Kevin’s session if I had to, plus he might shoot me if I’m not in his session. Kevin is the e-commerce director of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, one of the top 50 dealership groups in the United States. He has also written our annual Digital Dealer Conference Reviews:

5th Digital Dealer Conference Review by Kevin Frye
6th Digital Dealer Conference Review by Kevin Frye
7th Digital Dealer Conference Review by Kevin Frye
8th Digital Dealer Conference Review by Kevin Frye

Session #230 – The High Touch Behind the High Tech
The migration from having an Internet department to becoming an Internet group
Speaker: Shaun Kniffin

With the seat I’m currently sitting in, I think I’ll hear what Shawn has to say about creating a centralized process that manages the four streams of Internet-driven leads – emails, phone calls, online chat, showroom traffic.

IF you’re looking for stats and information on Video – be sure to sit through Phil Sura’s session Creating a Video Strategy to Drive New Efficiencies and Performance happening at the same time. Phil is the VP for UnityWorks (one of my personal favorite vendors).

Day 3 – Thursday – GENERAL SESSION: Next Generation Service Marketing

How to rebuild your customer base and grow dealership profitability

Traditional service marketing methods don’t work anymore. Your customers have changed, your competition has changed and digital media has changed. New consumer perception research will show you what you’re up against and how to use that insight to stem customer base erosion.

Session #304 – New Ideas on Measuring Performance and Tracking ROI in New Revenue Opportunities from Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management
How to overcome social media gurus that respond to ROI questions by dancing around objective measurement criteria and ROI analysis of social media marketing and reputation management initiatives
Speaker: The one and Only Ralph Paglia

Ralph always does a good job on stage. I’m burned out on Social Media personally but I’m sure Ralph will bring something good to the plate.

I’m going to keep the last session up in the air and make a last minute decision.

Several of our Ad Sponsors will be attending the Digital Dealer Conference – show some support and visit their booths!

What sessions are you looking forward to seeing?

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
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  • October 5, 2010
I hate when there are so many good sessions that overlap with each other.
I look forward to seeing DealerRefresh members at DD9 and I'll be conducting a seminar as well: SESSION 228 - How to Protect your Online Inventory for the Cars You Sell - 3:30 pm on Wednesday.

I hope to see you there.
(sound of shotgun cocking...) I look forward to seeing you in my presentation Jeff..., ha! I am looking forward to seeing everyone for my session. Something tells me my DD9 review will have positive reviews about it, lol, cheers!

Thank you for the positive mention in your 9th Digital Dealer Conference preparation post... It is highly appreciated, especially considering the source!

I also wanted to chime in and agree with you on the social media burnout sentiment as far as listening to another ra-ra session or any other dribble about why Social Media is important or relevant... Yeah, yeah we get it already!!! I had an experience two weeks ago with a very high level executive board level type meeting where I had to suffer through dozens of slides presented by a so-called "Social Media Thought Leader" who I will not name because I do not want to be accused of bashing competitors in public (I wack 'em with 2x4's in private), when he presented some way wacked Facebook custom pages like I have never seen before... Imagine taking the best stuff out of a dealer website and plugging it into Facebook where only the FB header shows... I thought "wow, my team at ADP Social is working our butts off and we don't have THAT!" After 20 minutes of non-stop oohs and aahs, this doofus posing as a Social Media Guru shows a Twitter profile page with built in lead form!

I asked "where can I go online and see some of these Facebook custom pages and Twitter profiles you are showing us?

That's when he finally says "Oh, well we have not actually created these designs in a live site yet, but my team assures me we can get all these designs built and fully functional within 6 months..."

So then I ask this Senior level Executive VP of screwing dealers; "So how many dealers have you been working with on these social media initiatives you've shown us? To which we get "Well, we gave yet to sign up our first batch of prototype dealers for proof of concept... Blah, blah, blah...

That when I realized we were going into battle with lots of scars and holes in our armor from doing social for over 300 franchise points to date, battle hardened and focused on execution and streamlining what it takes to get to the goods (selling a car)... Against some clown with imagination and chutzpah... And the sheer balls to criticize what my team DOES in comparison with what he DREAMS should be done!

Yeah, if I gotta sit through another session of some douchebag promoting Kumbaya and holding hands with that Zucker punk, I'm gonna be forced to make a fool of myself yet again with obnoxious comments and interruptions... I just don't want to get banned from the Googleplex for 12 months as punishment... Again.

Anyways, you rock and always gave... Let's do some cards in Vegas! See you there...
First of all, the commentary. I've sat through a few of those "our team is working on this design concept" meetings...needless to say I hope you at the very least got a lunch out of it. Jeff, nice summary...looking forward to seeing what's going on moving forward. I've heard a lot of positive feedback and it sounds like it's going to be a great conference. I agree, map it out folks and be selective...lots of great topics covered and so little time. Until next week gents!!!

Thanks for the mention and support. Your encouragement to map out the agenda is great advice. Some of the speakers are what Ralph calls "Senior level Executive VP of screwing delaers" and "doofus posing as a social media guru". If you don't map it out and choose wisely, you'll end up in a session led by someone that enables winners.

See ya there!

Any DD9'ers arriving on Monday? I'll be there.

We're having a lil' informal DealerRefresh Happy Hour(s) around 7pm at The Sports bar at the Mirage!

Alex won't be there, so we can all talk about him ;-) !!

See who&#039;s coming! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Hope you can make it!
We are looking forward to being at DD9. We are sponsoring a couple of networking sessions as well and are pretty excited about it, you should stop by and check it out, we would love to chat with you and maybe get some input from knowledgeable people such as you. Hope to see you all there. Should be a great week!
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    Richard Valenta
  • October 12, 2010
Sorry I couldn&#039;t make it. Heard it&#039;s the best one yet. I am on DR every day and looking forward to seeing the conference review.