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Using Digsby for IM, Twitter, facebook, email, etc.

Streamlining your Email, Instant Message and Social Network Communications

I picked up the recent edition of MaximumPC Magazine while I was in the airport the other day and they were showcasing some “Must have free apps”. A few things in that magazine intrigued me, but the only one I’ve followed-up on so far is Digsby: Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks

It combines all of your email applications, social media stuff, and instant messaging accounts into one place. I doubt I’ll ever launch Tweet deck again now.

I use it for:

Instant Message

  • AIM
  • MSN Messenger
  • G-Talk
  • Yahoo Messenger


  • Hotmail
  • GMail
  • POP3 & IMAP accounts not yet setup

Social Networking

  • twitter
  • facebook
  • MySpace

Here are some screen shots:

The application itself – looks like your regular IM app – and it shows you what that particular person recently did on another media if they’re on your other social media accounts:

Here is a Twitter timeline and see how it docks into your open application list in a Microsoft OS:

I’m definitely digging Digsby.

Warning: when installing, make sure you accept just Digsby and Decline everything else. It is pre-packaged with a bunch of junk.

What is your “must have free app” for Email, IM and keeping up with your Social Networks?

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I love Digsby, and Adium if you're on a Mac. Great post and resource!
  • A
  • May 19, 2009
Digsby is great. Been using it since it's first release. They got a whole lot more ad-ridden, so like you said, DECLINE everything but the Digsby agreement. Adium and Pidgin are other great multiple-network messaging clients.

Nice review of Digsby; its really popular up here as well (the founders are from Roch)

(BTW - If you notice in that screenshot, I was streaming my plays - not something I intended to do - should have been pushed to my personal account. Sorry for the noise)

  • M
  • May 20, 2009
To easily update social networks I highly recommend trying Some people in the automotive marketing industry are actually charging dealers for this FREE service. You can easily update up to 40 social networks by mobile phone, email and 3rd party apps.
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  • May 21, 2009
These are all great tools to help prospective customers find you. They also keep your name in front of current customers and owners. But does it really sell cars? I think not. Twittering, blogging, myspacing, facebooking these are all excuses not to pick up the phone and call your customers. What happened to call the people who are calling on you? I noticed on Alex's Honda website that he subscribed to a news feed that completely bashed Honda's newest car the Honda Insight. It was referred to as "The worst car money can buy". Now that screams buy me! Remember to watch which social networks you follow. That's just my two cents.
Anthony - I love you man!

P.S. Anthony is a competitor of mine.
Pidgin for multiple IM's
That's what I replaced with Digsby - I definitely like Pidgin though. If I was only looking to keep up with solely my IM's, then I'd still be using it.
good article!