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Join Myself and Malinda at #DSES for “Secrets of the Inbox”

Secrets of the Inbox DSES

Who again is going to DSES?

I am. So is Malinda Terreri. Matter of fact, Malinda and I are teaming up for a session titled…

Secrets of the Inbox: The New Evolution of Email

Why email marketing – isn’t that 101 for such a progressive cutting edge industry conference like DSES?

Heck No!

Email marketing continues to be the number one online marketing channel for all departments of your dealership. It’s bigger than paid search, it’s bigger than social media and bigger than SEO.

But it is changing. There are new rules for getting into the inbox AND getting your prospects and customers engaged. Does your email marketing deliver?

Or are you struggling with declining open rates, horrific one to one communication emails to potential clients and other issues? Almost every dealership needs some level of help with email and that’s what Malinda and I have set out to offer you.

You’re going to walk away from our session with the newest hands-on tools and techniques that you can take back to the dealership and execute.

This is exactly why I’ve asked Malinda to join me in this session. For those of you that don’t know Malinda, she’s the Superwoman of email marketing. Literally!

Malinda is the founder of 1to1News. A smaller but strategic service that caters to dealers and their email marketing needs. She provides some of the best and most engaging email newsletters in the industry. She have achieved some staggering results for my dealers in the past and dealers that I consult with.

Just a few walkaways from our session include:

  • 4 Letters that will sell you more cars this month
  • How NOT to be one of the 7 out of 8 emails that Yahoo marks as SPAM
  • Why fake email addresses can KILL your email reputation
  • What Subject lines will DOUBLE your open rate

Get your email audit report

Not only are you going to walk away with some great knowledge but we have a very special offer for each dealer attendee, so listen up!!

Malinda and I are offering a FREE email audit report to dealer attendees that would like to participate. To receive your results you will need to attend our session “Secrets of the Inbox: The New Evolution of Email “at DSES.

Wait! There’s more!!

We’ll be giving away 3 FREE iPads during our session. Everyone likes an incentive (not that we need anymore incentives), so we thought we would place some icing on the cake and raffle off 3 FREE iPads to attendees of our session “Secrets of the Inbox: The New Evolution of Email “.

This is going to be a great session. Don’t Miss Out!! 

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
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  • October 12, 2012
I love the video, and after watching it, I agree, I check my email first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and at the end of the night. And my first objection to email marketing is - "I get tons of marketing email that I ignore, how are you going to get your emails noticed and opened?". And it sounds like that is exactly what you are going to teach - so this would be a must attend for me!  Now the iPad give-aways are nice, but not nearly as cool as my retro 70's giveaways. In fact, I think I am going to give away 3 iRons for folks to press their clothes...