Industry News & Trends Opens their Vehicle Data API

Edmunds opens their vehicle API

image of has made available its full database of vehicle specs and pricing on nearly 1.2 million new and used vehicles from more than 2,500 dealers nationwide. is claiming their Vehicle API provides the most comprehensive automotive data available, including vehicle specs, dealer information, inventory listings, VIN decoding, vehicle options, vehicle photos and videos, vehicle ratings, reviews and vehicle pricing.

Why open up Edmunds’ data?

We here at Edmunds we believe strongly that innovation is fostered best through openness and transparency. We’re opening up our data because we want to give you, the developer, the ability to explore its potential. You can use the breadth and detail of the automotive information available through the Edmunds’ API to create mashups, mobile apps, visualizations and other data consuming applications that will provide an added dimension of user experience for the automotive consumer.  Edmunds is committed to helping automotive consumers find the car that meets their every need. Providing our data to other developers interested in automotive data is a key component to achieving our goal.

What data can I access to through the Edmunds’ APIs?

The current version of the Edmunds’ APIs divides automotive information into the following three areas:

  • Vehicle API: Detailed information about a vehicle(s) as defined by Make, Model, and Model Year. Also, the Vehicle API provides information about a vehicle’s Style, Pricing, Incentives, Rebates, Maintenance and media, such as Photos.
  • Dealer API: Dealer information was well as information about incentives and rebates are available through this API.
  • Inventory API: Get vehicle information from a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)


What is Edmunds up to?

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This is wonderful news and a great signal for others in the industry; the data is there - make it available and everyone wins.

It says you need to apply for the API Key - you can get started here:
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • September 22, 2011
Not sure I would fully trust edmunds enough to base my product off of their api. With the flip of the switch, the api could be turned off.

Jeff Kershner
Founder | DealerRefresh

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  • J
  • September 22, 2011
Right -- get 'em started, then say "Licensing Fees!"
  • J
    Jose Puente
  • September 22, 2011
Not sure that I agree that Edmunds will charge licensing fees or flip the switch. Both of these scenarios are counter to the objective of open API's. What it likely means is that they get the fact that the world we live in today is open. This is effectively what has driven the growth of twitter, facebook, skype, google, even national public radio (top 5 of most downloaded apps).  Consider that Netflix makes up over 22% of all Internet traffic, most of it attributed to their 200 + API gateway partners. With the explosive growth of mobile (and it's growing faster everyday), an open API strategy is sure to benefit them.

Yea, i see your point with it being the core feature of a product. I was thinking of it more as a "helper" layer - such as selected info from the vehicle API.

Licensing fees aren't associated with an API - if it were, it would have been called a subscription service. My guess is they did it in response to something even better coming (but not free) from the beast that has become AutoTrader. Just a guess tho...
  • D
  • October 21, 2011
You obviously don't know Edmunds...
  • A
  • July 3, 2012
Is that API for UK vehicle data. 
  • J
  • January 28, 2013
Here we are a year later and all seems OK. On one hand, it does make me nervous to build a commercial app against something with no Service Level Agreement. On the other, free is really hard to beat.