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4 Ways You Can Instantly Increase Your Dealerships Email List

Are you using these 4 ways to capture more customer email addresses?

As you may know, I’m a big proponent of dealership newsletters as a way to maintain long term relationships with customers, promote front-of-mind awareness and add value to your messages.

I often get questions from dealer clients about using email append services to grow their email marketing list.

Append services are fine but can be expensive. Sometimes, the easiest way to get more prospects and customers to join your dealership newsletter list, is simply to ask them. I thought it might be worth reviewing a few options (4) you can use to collect more email addresses from potential customers…

1. Incentivize your service service advisors

When customers are in your dealership for service, have the advisors check to see if their email address is up-to-date and if there isn’t one on file, ask if they would like to start receiving your helpful newsletter and service coupons.

2. Online sign-ups

Can visitors to your dealership website, blog, facebook page, etc. easily join your email list? What about including a sign-up form on your service coupon page?

Get your customers in the habit of checking your newsletter each month for exclusive service coupons and you never know when the article/video about a new model will catch their eye and generates a new opportunity to sale. It happens all them time.

3. Promotion to give away

Why not include a promotion to give away a gas card or an iPad in a free drawing to all of those people who go online to register for your newsletter. Look at what you are spending per direct mail piece and it won’t take long to justify the expense of the prize you give away.

4. In store displays

It is rare that all those business cards that get dropped into a fish bowl to join a mailing list actually ever get entered into a database.

For about $500 (about the cost to send 1000 mailers), why not have a computer station in your dealership service lounge so people can sign up directly? Set up an auto-responder so that their sign-up triggers the receipt of a special parts/service/accessory discount.

These email capture options are easy to set-up and don’t require a lot of labor to maintain. So what are you waiting for?

What other suggestion or ideas would you add?

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