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The Refresh Recap – Google Places, #DD11, #DSES, ZMOT, Deals

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What you may have missed…

DealerRefresh – The Blog

1. Did You Receive Your Google Places Notice? – For many of us, managing our dealers Google Places page proves to be a real challenge. Brian Pasch offers some advise and links to help out.

2. Digital Dealer 11 Review by Kevin Frye – In traditional format, Kevin offers up his review of the 11th Digital Dealer Conference. The conference continues to get better and better.

3. Satisfy Me! – Jerry Thibeau offers a real story on customer service. What 8 areas do most dealers miss out on customer service?

4. It’s Not the Length, But How You Use It – A title like that could only come from our favorite Joe Webb. In this article Joe talks about about quality, not quantity. It’s the only true way to measure greatness.

5. Will AutoTrader Build An Exclusive ZMOT Data Network? – Will Dataium Revolutionize Automotive Digital Marketing and the Role of CRM?

DealerRefresh – The Forum

We’ve had some stellar discussion in the forums over the last week. Be sure to review and weigh-in!

1. How Many Calls Do You Expect Your ISMs to Make? – From cradle to grave or in the BDC – how many follow-up calls do you expect from your team?

2. Highlights from Vegas? – If you attended Digital Dealer 11 or DSES in Vegas, lets us know what you liked the most about each conference.

3. Original Window Sticker – Imagine having access to a copy of the original window sticker of every used car on your lot…

4. QR Codes – In or Out? – The QR thread that never dies. What are you doing with QR?

We’re working on a review of Driving Sales Executive Summit – it was a great conference (one of the best I have ever attended for our industry), we’re not sure where to start.

Deals for Dealers

We have 2 new Deals for Dealers to jump on…

1. DealerFire is offering 10-pack of professional services for dealers  now available for $499, that’s half off!

2. 1to1News is offering 2 months of newsletter service for your dealership. If you have been thinking about adding a newsletter into your marketing mix – this would be a great time to test out a great service.

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    Leonard Williams
  • October 24, 2011
I completely agree with your ideas on ZMOT. Very nicely stated. Especially your mention of dealers Google Places pages proves to be a real challenge.

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