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Happy Thanksgiving from DealerRefresh

Thanksgiving with DealerRefresh

We have a lot to be thankful for not the least of which is YOU, our DealerRefresh community members and readers.

I want to let each of you know I am thankful for all of you that contribute to DealerRefresh. I am thankful for Jeff and Alex providing such a great tool for all of us. Thankful for Uncle Joe’s wisdom and not afraid to call anyone out. – Eley Duke

Thank you Eley! Click here to join in on Eley’s thankful post.

We THANK EVERYONE for your support while hoping you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day as we look forward to the future with you.

Speaking of the future; as we’ve progressed over the years with a nice and steady organic growth, expect to see some great changes over the next few months. We have a lot of surprises in queue that will allow DealerRefresh to continue on as the TOP visited and most engaging community in the industry.

We’ve seen industry blogs, forums and publications come and go over the last 6+ years. Some come in and like to bloat about their numbers and members while others like flooding your inbox and placing industry experts on double secret probation. Others like to copy and paste articles from other publications. “Inspired, edited and revised from the original article” = lazy plagiarism for all the wrong reasons. And a select few are on a true mission to help dealers exceed with no ego behind their actions.

Alright, shame on me for taking what is supposed to be a Thankful tone and turning into a small rant.

Lets not also forget to thanks our current DealerRefresh sponsors. Their support and advertising is another reason why we have the funds and resources to continue on at the level we do. So PLEASE take a moment and not only click on their ad but take some time to visit their website and see what services they have to offer. You never know what new services they might be providing that could help you achieve some great results for 2012.

Turkey Coma? As I type this I believe I’m in and out of one myself. While you have some extra time sitting there on the couch reading this, check out what you may have missed on DealerRefresh over this busy holiday week..

What you may have missed here on the Blog

You Have an Evil Customer Sabotaging Your Dealership – Malinda Terreri, President of 1to1 News wrote a great article around the good and bad of email collection. Dealers need to be careful with alias email addresses such as  “Does Not Have” – [email protected] and “Would Not Give” [email protected]

New Version of Google Analytics Released – Google released their new version of Analytics. Several great additions like real time traffic monitoring.

Is WHAT You Stock a Marketing Decision? – Ed Books originally posted this in the forums and the conversation continues. Don’t miss out on this one!

Middle Management is Killing your Sales – Joe hits the nail on the head once again with this timeless post around middle management. This is example that Joe references is happening each and every day.

Google Enters Into The Automotive Lead Business – and change begins.

What you may have missed over in the Forums

What do Honda and Justin Bieber have in common? – A post about dealership email newsletters, and it’s getting good.

Why Would Anyone Post Helpful Hints to DealerRefresh? – Well, why would they?

Do you take your own photos? – A timeless thread that continues on with some great examples

Do you pay for an ILM & CRM tool? – Believe it or not, some dealers are still using a separate ILM and CRM. Are you?

Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving!

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Happy Thanksgiving Jeff & Alex!