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Higherturnover_logo Company Name: Higher Turnover, LLC
Online Since: March 24th, 2005
Location: Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

Homepage Title: Auto Dealer Websites by Higher Turnover | Websites For Car Dealers | Online Marketing | Inventory Management

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Message from Higher Turnover: 

Higher Turnover, LLC was started in early 2005 as an effort to provide the most useful internet marketing tools to a particular breed of auto dealer: the independent dealer.  We began with and continue to have three main objectives with our business model:

  1. To provide an effective solution for online marketing of vehicles.
  2. To make this solution affordable by small independent dealers.
  3. To present a back-end administration system that anyone is able to use, regardless of computer experience.

Our core products include custom web design, inventory and lead management, search engine marketing, and eBay listing management.  These products have been developed almost exclusively through independent dealer feedback.  Several companies provide excellent site designs, features, functionality, and total solutions.  We’ve made a conscious choice to focus on the features needed at the independent level, as well as take an educational approach with our dealers who require a little more attention.  We’re not the ideal solution for every dealership, however our rapid growth indicates we have carved out a much needed niche in the industry, and we vow to continue along that path. 

As co-founders, Ray Bonneau and I grew up together in small town, America (Burlington, VT).  Even as Higher Turnover has grown, we’ve been able to maintain our small-town style relationships with dealers – knowing their history, their families, etc.  “Making business personal” has really kept us grounded, and forces us to earn business instead of taking it for granted.  Our hopes moving forward are to continue to build relationships with independent dealers across the country, to continually improve our products without losing sight of our three original objectives, and to further elevate ourselves as the leader in our niche market.


Robert "Jake" Jacobson
Higher Turnover, LLC
(800) 430-2119

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Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
I have not used them... but do subscribe to their blog.. contains lot of useful information. Esp. following the Craiglist vs AutoTrader post.

Jeff... any chance that in these website profiles the URL could be made a link.
  • J
  • March 20, 2007
Once a vendor fills out their Message area, I will in return hyperlink the URL. Thanks for participating Farooq.

i just change my site to higherturnover. Very good company to work with, very profeesional reliable and reasonable.
I wish i dealt with them a long time ago.

High turnover, low turnover...bottom line is anything is better then a cookie cutter cobalt site. LOL