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iPhone VS Pro Camera for Online Inventory Photos?

My ZTYLUS arrived in the mail today.

I’ve been all over the board trying to decide on which camera to use for photos and videos since returning to the dealership. After a lot of back’n forth between a DSLR and my older, but still very nice Panasonic Lumix GF1 – I have settled on….

…using my iPhone, with an add-on..

We’ve had a lot of conversations here on DealerRefresh over the years on Which Camera is Best for Online Inventory photos or what camera do you use for pre-owned inventory? Both of these threads were started back in 2010 but are still relevant to a point. Especially since the this one has comments well into this year.

Regardless, it’s 2016 and most of us are sporting an iPhone6 or the latest Samsung, with camera’s that are more than capable. Not only can you get more-than-good-enough photos from an iPhone6 but with HomeNet’s mobile app (though buggy at times) I’m able to streamline the process, while getting my photos online within only a few minutes.

As good as the camera is on the iPhone, there’s some cool options available to enhance the lens for image quality and view. Since it’s 2016 the real question is, which makes MORE SENSE? – iPhone VS Pro Camera for Online Inventory Photos?

Before you argue the point, consider the add-ons like the Z-PRIME by ZTYLUS. If you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone’s camera, I’m not sure it gets much better than this…





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