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The life of a Dealership Internet Manager

Joe Webb posted this in the DealerRefresh forums earlier today.  I like it so much I had to put it here for your enjoyment.  Joe and Bill – great job!

After watching it, I sent it to a few O.G. Internet Managers, and people who were with me for a while at Checkered Flag.  Everyone responded with “that’s so true” and some even said “he forgot to add CRM” but it made me realize there is a deeper message here.

If you’re a vendor, consultant, traditional dealership manager, or manufacturer and have wondered why an Internet Manager you were working with is always multi-tasking (read:  A.D.D.) or really short with you….weeeeell……don’t take it too hard.  This video shows you why.

Who knew an argument with Jeff Kershner, in 2005, would lead to Alex becoming a partner with him on DealerRefresh. Where will the next argument take ...
  • J
    Jeff Collins
  • November 18, 2010
This is freakin hilarious!!! Great work Joe!! Can't wait for the next episode
  • J
    Joe Webb
  • November 18, 2010
Thanks for sharing, Alex. We had a lot of fun making it. So much so, that our blooper reel from this (which I'll post soon) is almost as long as the video itself.

I know I left out CRM (which is a doozy as we all know), but I was limited by the years. And we had some technical fun with it. We use multiple monitors... starting with a giant old desktop and taking us all the way to a 3 monitor system. And I changed mugs three times. From a R&R mug, to a Dealix mug, to a PCG mug. Yes, I tried to add in all those little intricacies. Glad you enjoyed the video.

Very entertaining... its getting some big love in the Twitteverse (made that one up)
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    Bill Playford
  • November 19, 2010
Thanks, Alex. We'll save the (De?)Evolution of the CRM for a feature length film :)
Watching this video scared the hell out of me, and made me stop my Red Bull habit, as well as some (cough cough) other habits I have picked up over the years in an effort to try and keep up with everything I am tasked to do... Love it Joe and Bill, lol!
Awsome job Joe! So so true!
I love this video. I was on an interview the other day and was justifying why I command a certain amount of money for the Internet Director position. The dealership had not ever really had someone of high value. However, they compete with my previous store and know my capabilities. So I used this example of all of the things that the department needs and why I am worth what I command. Well needless to say they were impressed and are working out the detail on the pay plan they want to offer me. To Joe, I say that not only is this video funny and true but it is great leverage to negotiate the right money for your next gig as a director.
Awesome stuff. I really enjoyed it the first time I saw it at Digital Dealer, even funnier the second time.
Now, if all our higher-ups could see and understand that! I loved the video, only instead of 10 years I think it only took 10 months for me to get there ;-)
Loved this video!! It is right on. Can't wait for the next one with CRM.
Joe and Bill did a really nice job with this as well as their presentation at DD.
I had a chance to sit in on the Presentation that Joe and Bill did at DD as well. Great job guys...The presentation as well as the video were very innovative, entertaining, and ALL soooo very true.