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Price? No, it’s Trust – What is it with these Millennials?

Show Me The Money – such a 20th century way of thinking.

Millennials don’t think that way. True, price is important with every customer but for young car shoppers, apparently two things are more important:

  1. Trusting the dealership
  2. The overall experience

The good news is, you can make one simple change that will dramatically improve both of those. Send’m a video.

With a personalized video, you can create an amazing experience by engaging, informing and delighting your prospects. It’s not difficult, matter of fact it’s quite easy to make a personalized video to send to your potential customers.  It can takes less than 2 minutes.

why you should care about millennials and their buying process

Why does video work so well with Millennials?

Because they’re watching video, online. All the time! Ask the younger generation which channels they’re spending the most time on; YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Vine, Netflix (and chill), etc.  And much of this video consumption is on their mobile device.

Matter of fact, according to Animoto – 45 percent of millennials prefer to watch video on their mobile device rather than on a laptop or desktop.

With numbers like that, there is no reason to believe this behavior doesn’t apply to when they are researching their next vehicle, OR even the dealership they plan to visit and purchase from. Millennials are spending a great amount of time researching online before visiting your dealership.

And get this…the younger generation is much more likely to trust dealerships that provide the information they’re seeking. You mean Transparency?

With video, you are putting yourself out there as a trusted source of information. It’s not viewed as selling. It shows you are interested in educating the buyer and building trust.

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Don’t think Millennial are a big enough customer segment to worry about? Think again. According to a recent study by DrivingSales, Millennials are now accounting for 27% of new car sales. “The buying power of this younger market represents a significant growing opportunity for dealerships,” the report states.

To serve this expanding market, remember, building trust and creating an amazing experience are most important. With video, it’s quick. It’s easy. It’s works with the technology you ALREADY have.

Don’t feel like you can get started on your own? There’s a number of good companies out there providing mobile apps and dealership video services. Browse through the forums and you’ll find some great discussions around it.

What are you doing to build trust with your younger customers?

John is the Operations Manager at Authntk Walkaround Videos and has been with the company since its inception. He loves working with auto dealerships ...