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Videos Equal Visits, to your Dealership

According to a recent Google study – “The Top 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own”, video is “playing. Playing a big part in the consumers shopping process.

Nearly 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched

[Tweet “Nearly 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched”]

Now pause for a second. Think of those seven out of ten motivated customers on YouTube as your prospects looking for information. Information this is specific to vehicles that you may have on the lot right now.

Videos equal visits.

Stats like this can help successful dealerships see exactly why marketing on YouTube is so powerful. At the very least, it is a viable way to grow your business. Used to its full potential, video can transform your dealership and make you extremely successful.

The study from Google comes on the heels of a study they did last year – Digital Drives Auto Shopping (Be sure to read it.) A study analyzed the actions taken by shoppers after watching video.

Google found that, about half the time, consumers went straight to the dealer after having watched a video.

So let’s do some math. If 70% of consumers on YouTube are influenced by the videos they see, and 50% go see a dealer after watching a video, how many consumers will visit your dealership when you have ZERO videos on YouTube?

Let’s not make this difficult.

Knowing that video influences the buyer, why wouldn’t we want to send more videos.? Ones that are personal. Setting you and your dealership even further apart from the competition.

“I don’t have time to learn something new” or “it’s too difficult” are common objections. Ironically, many of the same folks already spend quite a lot of time looking at pictures and videos on their own phone, which coincidentally HAS A CAMERA. I would even guess you’re reading this article right now, from your phone.

Getting started with video is often the hardest part. That said, start small. Choose a tool that’s simple and allows you to streamline the process – from recording to delivering. Encourage everyone to get involved and be diligent in making it part of your daily routine.

Here are some other impressive stats around the reach of video:

  • 110 million people watch at least one video per month on mobile (eMarketer)
  • Shoppers on mobile watch video 3x more than laptop/desktop users (Invodo)
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others (Invodo)


What level of success are you having with your video strategy?

Share your video over in the forums and let us know what kind of success you’re having…

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