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PageRank for your Dealership Website

What is Google PageRank and the importance of it for your Dealership Website?

PageRank is Google’s method of ranking individual websites and individual pages. Google looks at the websites and pages which link to your Dealership website and how they rank in terms of importance. Google_pr_logo

With the Google Toolbar you can search Google at anytime and the added feature will inform you of the PageRank of every website on the web. Download this toolbar and enable the PageRank feature in the options. Then visit your dealership website to find out your current PageRank.

PR is calculated based on both the quantity and PageRank quality of your incoming links. The higher the PR of your incoming links, and the fewer outbound links there are on that page, the more PR is passed to your Dealership Website. For example, if you were a Ford dealer and were able to somehow get a link from home page (which has a PR of 8) to your Ford dealerships website, the PR for your dealer’s website would greatly increase. (This is just a simple example) that not only help with traffic to your website but also help with your dealerships websites PageRank.

Achieving PageRank for your Dealership website takes time and patience. Find some relevant websites that you can exchange links with or advertise on with a link to your dealership website. Many cities have community websites like

Remember, PageRank is important to have but it’s only one of about one hundred determining factors in the Google algorithm and how well your dealerships website positions in the Google search engine.

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