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RefreshFriday – Sales from Social are a Myth

LIVE Today at 1:00 PM EST

Today (Friday March 29th) marks the last Friday in Women’s History month and we’re closing it down on Social Media.

The stigma that social media doesn’t sell cars is alive and well, but examples that break the stigma are everywhere.

We’re going to explore the history of social for car dealerships, taking advantage of advertising in it, how to engage shoppers, and maybe even some attribution. That’s right, we put social and attribution in the same sentence… and we’re doing it with women. Maybe we’ll toss in some A.I. and Blockchain to raise our trendy corporate consultant viewer count too.

In all seriousness we couldn’t have a women’s month on DealerRefresh without two ladies Jeff and Alex have spent so much time with. Our damn good friends: Christine Plunkett & Erica Sietsma.

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