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Secrets of the Inbox – Presentation for #DSES

Malinda and I wanted to give a another quick THANKS to everyone that supported our session at #DSES this year. We had a great time presenting. Though another 30 minutes for Q&A would have been nice.

We’ve had many requests for a copy of the our presentation “Secrets of the Inbox – The New Evolution of Email“. So here it is….

If you didn’t attend this past Driving Sales Executive Summit, all I can say is YOU MISSED OUT. Jared and the Driving Sales team went overboard this year. Hands down the BEST conference in our industry thus far!

Days before our session, we invited attendees to sign up for our FREE email audit report. This audit not only included a snap shot view of your dealers / email providers reputation but also a complete email mystery shop analysis using AIUA as a basis for scoring.

Malinda and I are working together to CONTINUE to offer our FREE Email Audit Report (for as long as we can) to any dealer that would like to participate. Again, this is FREE to any dealer that’s a DealerRefresh Community Member.

To get started, fill out this quick request form. After you have completed the form, you’ll receive confirmation letting you know that we have begun processing your information and will be starting your FREE Email Audit Report.  

Our email audit takes about 7-12 days to complete. Once completed, you’ll receive your full FREE Email Audit Report right to your inbox. For the Mystrey shop portion of the Email Audit Report, you’ll also receive a log-in to not only review your results, but also a complete review and score of your performance in relation to speed of response, phone call, quality of phone call and email response based on AIUA.

As a follow-up to our session, Malinda and I will be hosting a “Secrets of the Inbox – The New Evolution of Email– PART 2  webinar on December 12th 2012. More information around the webinar will be coming your way soon.

Until then, sign up for our DealerRefresh newsletter to stay updated.

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  • K
  • November 9, 2012
30 MORE? You had 10 over already - @zonewebb & @imacsweb did another hour after theirs...But yes, to see your full presentation and the topics you didn't get to would have been nice!
Side note with all I've implemented since DSES & DD, our open rate has gone from 11.8% to 32.5% opt out .4% to .4%. (2 weeks pre:post) I know it's only been just under 2 weeks but that's big news here under the rock!
  • S
  • November 14, 2012
Very awesome.  I wish I was there to see this presentation.  But I went through it and learned some cool practices.  Thanks guys.
  • D
  • November 19, 2012
This video link went out earlier today from Dale Pollak. It looks like vAuto is planning a new product line.