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Thanks to…You and our DealerRefresh Sponsors


Every 3 months or so I like to do a quick post to thank our DealerRefresh sponsors,  but before I get into thanking our sponsors I want to seriously thank YOU; our DealerRefresh readers and contributors.

Thank YOU for making the DealerRefresh Dealer Forums a true destination for us DEALERS. If you’re familiar with forums, it usually takes some time to get one going and most fail before they even get started. This obviously have not been the case. We consistently have a steady stream of new subscribers. The best part is over 80% of the subscribers are dealers; Internet Sales Mangers, New and Used car managers and even dealer principles. Yes, we even have several vendors involved but I’m happy to say, most have done a great job and providing great information and answering questions with out getting into a Huge sales pitch like you find in other forums.

Someone said.. “DealerRefresh is like Digital Dealer every day” – We’ll take that as a compliment!

The DealerRefresh Dealer Forum has become a great place for us (dealers) to ask questions like…

These are just a few of the questions being asked and answered over in the dealer forums.

Thank YOU for following @dealerrefresh on twitter during the 7th Digital Dealer conference. For those that attended #DD7 and were following dealerrefresh on twitter, you had the chance (a few actually) to WIN a Flip Video Camera. Jared Hamilton over at DrivingSales.com even joined in and donated a few Flip’s to twitter followers! Thanks Jared.

Below are a few of the winning tweets for the #DD7 Flip minoHD Video Camera contest…

kershner_twitter_icon dealerrefresh Congrats again to Chris Fousek @cfousek for winning a flip cam at #DD7 from @dealerrefresh and @drivingsales http://bit.ly/3WbsR2
kershner_twitter_icon dealerrefresh Another congrats to @sburges2 for winning the first flip video camera give away by @drivingsales & @dealerrefresh
kershner_twitter_icon dealerrefresh #dd7 http://twitpic.com/nxh11 proof anyone can win. follow @dealerrefresh & @drivingsales. 2 more flips to give out.


Now it’s time to thank our current sponsors for their support! Their contributions help pay for new features and maintenance to the Blog and the new Dealer Forums. Without them, we would not have the resources to continuously build upon and improve. Show a little love and pay the sponsors a visit.

ActivEngage – Chat Solutions for Dealers

ClickMotive – Dealership Website Design and SEO

Contact At Once – Live Chat for Car Dealers

TKCarsites – Dealer Website Design and SEO

Dealer Rater – Dealer Reviews and Dealer Certification

ecarlist -Dealership Website Design and SEO

Dealer Synergy – Internet Sales Training and Consulting

CharChat24 – Live Support Chat for Dealers

DealerFire – Dealership Website Design and SEO/SEM

If you’re interested in advertising on DealerRefresh, read about it on the Advertise on DealerRefresh page and fill out the form for pricing and packages.

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Gotta follow-up on Jeff and pass my own thanks along too! The forums have been fantastic. They're filled with great information and it isn't just Jeff and me talking - that's probably the best part :)

If you haven't joined the discussions on the forums...what are you waiting for!!!???

TK Carsites is proud to be a sponsor of Dealer Refresh. I believe it's 3 years now. No? Well, either way, the thanks really belongs to you and Alex for continueing to provide fresh informative content that keeps us all coming back for more.

Richard Valenta
TK Carsites