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The Rise of Mobile in Automotive Shopping and the Connected Generation

Mobile Millennials
Mobile Millennials hold intense buying power.

A key focus was placed on mobile at this fall’s major automotive conferences; JD Power and Driving Sales Executive Summit.  While the rise of mobile is nothing new, new data reveals mobile’s emphasis on automotive shopper behavior.

“The rise of mobile and tablet devices has fundamentally changed how consumers shop for cars.”

94% of millennials go online to get info when shopping for a new car

44% will use mobile at the dealership

-Clayton Stanfield of eBay Motors

“If dealers do not have a mobile strategy, they risk losing a valuable audience.”

14% of women ages 25-49 are mobile-only. They access Internet solely through mobile or tablet devices and not through PCs.

– Frank Weishaupt of Jumptap

23% of consumers use multiple devices to shop for cars.

Multi-device users start their car shopping on a mobile device.”

Rick Wainschel Vice President, Automotive Insights

“Apps are great way to reach Gen Y buyers”

PC usage has declined year over year and mobile is at the forefront. Worldwide tablet shipments are expected to overtake total PC shipments late next year.

Arianne Walker Senior Director, Automotive Media and Marketing Solutions at J.D. Power and Associates

The buying power of mobile millennials

48% of all auto searches come from a mobile device”-Amy Peet, senior digital manager @Chrysler

85%  of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over mobile Websites

Apps are more convenient, faster and easier to navigate, according to a new report from Compuware. Users are voting with their views and actions and they are requiring the easiest way to connect with your brand.

– Compuware 2013 study

Millennials actually enjoy browsing the lot more than older generations and are more dependent on the salesperson for information. However, they’re also more likely than older generations to go out of their way to avoid interacting with dealership staff.

Millennials view the dealership as a key piece of their research process – they’re looking for experts to help answer their questions and to touch and test out the physical car before making a purchase,”

– Isabelle Helms, senior director of Research and Marketing Analytics,


Why the major emphasis on mobile?

Because the millennial generation, the auto industry’s next crucial target, lives this way.

Clayton Stanfield, senior manager of dealer outreach for eBay Motors.

A major shift in automotive shopping is happening now.  There are hosts of progressive, forward thinking dealers tackling the connected generation head-on.


What percentage of your customers are active on a smartphone or tablet while at your store?

How has the connected generation affected your marketing strategy?

What changes have you made? Proactively or Reactively?

Tell us in the comments below!

Ben Anderson - AKA "hair model Ben" is the President of AutoMotion, a leader in mobile apps for dealers. Ben is a regular speaker on mobile for many i...
in many functions, I like an 'app' over a website, BUT, if I am shopping for cars, I don't think I want to install an app for half dozen dealers, any more than I didn't install an app to shop for a television from the big box stores. I wonder if this has been studied specifically for the car business. the and apps are ok, but not great.