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VIDEO: How to Design a Retargeting Program to Increase Return Visitors

If you managed to catch the live webinar with Ian Cruickshank from Speed Shift Media, you were one of the lucky folks to learn how exactly to design a retargeting program to increase return visitors to your dealership website.

But if you didn’t catch it… well bad luck.

Just kidding!

The most website traffic comes from return visitors

During the ‘Increase Online Conversions by Increasing Return Visitors’ web chat; Ian explained how the most traffic to dealership website comes from return visitors (your more loyal audience and potential customers).

Oddly enough, dealerships spend thousands of dollars each year trying to attract new website traffic to disproportionate to what they spend converting return visitors. This results in financial losses and poor web marketing results which is something we talked about in another recent webinar with Ilana Zur.

Design an effective retargeting program for your dealership

So, if you want to give your business a boost through web marketing (and you should), start with maximizing your web traffic by designing an effective retargeting program. You’ll definitely want to know how to avoid the most common problems with dealership retargeting and how to measure retargeting performance based on return visitors.


Below is our latest mini-webinar, which we’ve produced for your convenience to quickly obtain the key talking points and highlights from the original webinar. To view the full version go here.

These condensed versions are designed to help you acquire useful knowledge quickly to learn innovative ideas, tactics, and strategies that will help boost your dealer business. We’ve also created a mini webinars tag, so you can find all of them in one place, check the other ones out too.

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