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What Are Your Dealers Facebook Fans Worth?

Dealers advertising on facebook could soon track an ROI (or lack of).

With a new conversion tracking tool, facebook hopes to help marketers (and even us dealers) track clicks through to conversion. The conversion tracking tool is already being tested by several select Facebook advertisers. A launch date has yet to be determined, but they are projecting sometime towards the end of March.

The reports will provide dealers advertising on facebook a list of tracked conversions, impressions and the clicks led to each.

Conversion tracking aims to complement Facebook Connect, a tool that allows advertisers to target fans of brands, as well as friends of the connected fans. The Facebook Connect tool reports back on everything from demographics to interests listed in Facebook profiles. Ads connecting to Facebook Connect tie in social context, such as the person’s name…continue to mediapost article.

As social media  continues to grow and more and more dealer “get it”, it’s only natural that most owners/principles/GMs will want to see some type of ROI for the effort.

Question: Should you measure your social media efforts on the same level as your other online marketing channels such as paid search, SEO, display advertising etc. ?

You can see Brian Boland’s (fb manager of solutions) full presentation here:

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  • G
  • January 28, 2010
Well as long as you put a realistic dollar amount on facebooking then sure it should always hold up to other lead generators in a ROI report. If its not worth the money you're spending on it, there's no point.

Now of course the word realistic means you factor out the added bonus of brand recognition and customer loyalty when you do the math...
  • N
    Nick Cybela
  • February 2, 2010
With only 14% of companies involved with social media tracking a ROI, integrating this into your strategy today will ensure you're well placed in the future and help guide smart business strategies.
Social Media ROI is a complex and ever-evolving measure. Facebook ads are fantastic for generating fans, but nothing trumps honest conversation and information. If you provide fans with reasons to be on your fan page, they will look positively on your brand in the future. Its not about the sale, it IS about the customer.