What’s DealerRefresh all about?

DealerRefresh is for the car dealer Internet sales professional thriving for more information while looking to elevate their game. It’s also for industry professionals looking to keep up with some of the latest dealer industry news and trends.

Since the very first published article on March 15th of 2004, we’ve been writing and discussing (with even the occasional debate) best practices for leveraging Internet marketing and new age sales processes within the car dealership.

Prior, there was no other site that brought other automotive Internet sales professionals together in one virtual spot. For that reason, DealerRefresh was born; the very first website of its kind, dedicated to the internet sales and marketing professionals grinding away everyday at the dealership.

Over the years, DealerRefresh has grown and matured into what it is today and is now one of the most recognized websites within our industry.

From internet marketing best practices for your dealer, what works with SEO and car dealer search engine marketing, how online video fits into your dealer’s landscape to online reputation management for your dealership; if the topic has not been recently written about, check the archives or submit your suggestion of topic to discuss using Ask/Answer. And just released…the ALL NEW DealerRefresh Dealer Technology Forum.

DealerRefresh also hosts an array of guest postings. We love to hear from industry experts and other Interent Sales Managers that are passionate about their jobs and how they’re elevating their dealer to another level.


Who’s behind DealerRefresh?

Jeff Kershner

I’m the founder of DealerRefresh. I got my start in the car dealer business when I was 18. Started in the washbay and quickly moved to Service Writer while also working in the Parts Department. After several years on the fixed ops side, I moved over to the sales floor. This is where I was able to fuse my passion for online marketing and selling cars for a history of dealers. Whether it’s managing the desk, perfecting internet sales process or studying online marketing trends, I absolutely love this business and the challenges it brings.

If you’d like to know more about me, connect with Jeff on linkedin.

Alex Snyder

I come from a family of retail with retailing-roots dating back into the 1800s.  We got into the automotive business in 1964 with a single store called Checkered Flag that originally carried Austin Healey, Jaguar, and MG. Today Checkered Flag sports a bit more than just British cars, and I work to keep its digital presence up.

I got started at Checkered Flag in 1989 as punishment for scratching my name in a desk in the 5th grade.  At that age I decided I liked making money and worked numerous odd jobs to keep some cash in my pocket.  Until college, most of those odd jobs were on the Fixed Operations side of Checkered Flag. After my first year of college, I moved to the Variable Operations (Sales) side of the business. It was in May of 1999 that I sold my first car; a new red 1999 Hyundai Accent Hatchback to a cute girl from another college ;) ;)

A few years later I moved to Honda and was the youngest person on that sales floor. I knew how to use a computer, so I became the guy who had to respond to those leads that nobody was doing anything with.  Eventually, that led to where I am now. I look back and laugh at my dumb luck…was made to work for the family business out of punishment, was made to work with those “pesky” Internet people because I was young, and ended up on DealerRefresh because I wanted to argue with Jeff about something.

I look forward to keeping that argument up for many more years!

If you’d like to know more about Alex, connect with Alex on linkedin.


This site would NOT be what it is today if it were not for YOU, the readers, commenters and contributors. We have some long time followers/contributors that have injected a little of their DNA into every bit of DealerRefresh. I won’t call out the names because the list would be a mile long. I appreciate every single one of you, what you do and how you have helped DR evolve.


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