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3 Birds Marketing Granted Patent-Pending Status for Proprietary SEO Marketing Solution

3 Birds Marketing Granted Patent-Pending Status for Proprietary SEO Marketing Solution

October 3, 2011– CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – 3 Birds Marketing, LLC, a Chapel Hill-based interactive marketing agency, is proud to announce that on September 2, 2011, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) received and acknowledged the company’s patent application for its unique and innovative integrated marketing platform.

3 Birds’ marketing platform includes unique computerized systems and methods for marketing companies on the Internet and, more particularly, for optimizing and enhancing a company’s visibility on the search results pages of conventional Internet search engines, such as Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing®.

“I’ve been in the automotive industry, developing technology to help dealers be more profitable, ever since e-commerce first began to change the way consumers research and purchase vehicles and services,” says Layton Judd, co-founder of 3 Birds. “I’ve seen a lot of software tools come and go over the years, and I can say, without reservation, that what we have developed at 3 Birds is by far the most game-changing technological solution to be offered to automobile dealers. Filing for a patent was a natural step for us, and we’re pumped about how we will be transforming the internet marketing world.”

The marketing platform invented by 3 Birds improves the computer-implemented processes, techniques, and technologies that take advantage of the searching and ranking algorithms used by conventional Internet search engines. In this way, 3 Birds solutions improve the marketing results for businesses by enhancing and increasing the visibility of such businesses on organic search results pages. In doing so, 3 Birds delivers a two-pronged benefit to businesses by (1) fostering customer acquisition and retention while (2) augmenting business’ online presence and search engine visibility.

3 Birds’ services, which are primarily offered to automobile dealerships, include email marketing, engagement websites, direct mail marketing, social media marketing, reputation monitoring and management, text solutions, data mining, data visualization, multi-channel targeted campaigns, and comprehensive analytics, all housed on a technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use, interface for clients to track all of their marketing activities in one place. As a Microsoft BizSpark company, 3 Birds has already established itself as a leader in the automotive marketing world through its advanced technology and excellent client services.

3 Birds Marketing is an interactive marketing company based out of Chapel Hill, N.C., specializing in email, web, and social media marketing. 3 Birds offers an integrated marketing and communications platform that creates a comprehensive marketing loop for clients that promotes customer engagement, delivers better qualified leads, increases conversions, and provides marketing analytics and data. To find out more, visit or call us at (877) 285-1094.

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