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Since the very first published article on March 15th of 2004, we’ve been writing and discussing (with the occasional debate) best practices for leveraging Internet marketing and modern sales processes within the car dealership.  Founded by Jeff Kershner, while he was managing the Internet Department at a VW store, DealerRefresh has always been a little edgy.  And that’s because car dealers are edgy; we’re dealers.

Some time in 2006 Jeff wrote an article that did not sit well with Alex Snyder, an eCommerce Director at a dealer group at that time, so Alex began to argue with him.  One 4 hour long phone call later and DealerRefresh became a two-man team.  Others have come and gone over the years, but the friendship between Jeff and Alex persists and provides the coals for the flame that keeps DealerRefresh burning.

The Now:

From internet marketing best practices for your dealer, what works with SEO and car dealer search engine marketing, how online video fits into your dealer’s landscape to online reputation management for your dealership; if the topic has not been recently written about, use our custom Google powered search service that searches every article and thread on both DealerRefresh blog and forum.

If what you’re looking for can’t be found on the blog, then join our amazing community and start a forum thread in the DealerRefresh Dealer Technology Forum. What’s your biggest question right now?

The Future:

You’re the future of DealerRefresh, really, you are. Without this great community we wouldn’t be half as appealing as we are right now. And, we have a pretty damn awesome community.

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