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AutoUSA Achieves Unprecedented Growth in 2010

110 Percent Increase in Customer Base Indicates Auto Dealers’ Return to Diversified Lead Mix

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – September 7, 2010 – AutoUSA, the industry’s best source of online customers and the highest quality Internet leads to auto dealers nationwide, today announced a drastic increase in dealer participation in its online lead generation programs and services. In the period from June, 2009 through June, 2010, AutoUSA experienced a 110 percent growth rate in the number of dealers participating in used vehicle lead generation services, along with a 14 percent increase in dealers taking part in the Premier Dealer Program (PDP).

“In recent years many dealers have experimented with online marketing strategies such as SEO or SEM in order to attract consumers to their own web sites, but in 2010 we have seen a return to a diversification strategy,” said Phil DuPree, President of AutoUSA. “More dealers have realized that adding an independent lead provider to the mix is a cost effective way to increase their marketing exposure while generating a high volume of quality leads.”

Another significant finding is that 72 percent of AutoUSA’s dealer customers take advantage of more than one program or service offered. In the past year, AutoUSA has launched or expanded several programs to help dealers increase inventory exposure on the web and to generate both new and used vehicle leads. Dealers who partner with AutoUSA to post their new vehicle inventory listings routinely enjoy exposure on more than 100 of the top automotive web sites.

More dealers have realized that adding an independent lead provider to the mix is a cost effective way to increase their marketing exposure while generating a high volume of quality leads.

AutoUSA programs include:

Edmunds Premier Dealer Program (PDP): Dealers who participate in the PDP program are presented in more than 100 targeted “lower funnel” ad units that generate a significant volume of consumers calls and clicks directly to that dealer’s web site. PDP dealers are also guaranteed top placement in their exclusive territory in Edmunds’ popular Dealer Locator, along with high-conversion VIN-based leads.

Kelley Blue Book LeadDriver™: This program seamlessly integrates with Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Values on the dealer’s web site while simultaneously capturing lead information. In addition to the car buyer’s contact information, LeadDriver provides details on the trade-in vehicle and its value, as well as the buyer’s vehicle of interest. According to research by Kelley Blue Book, 73 percent of in-market vehicle shoppers are more likely to purchase a vehicle from dealerships that display Kelley Blue Book Values on their web site.

POWER Listings™: Powered by Cargigi (craigslist listing tool for car dealers), this AutoUSA program allows dealers to market and advertise their used-car inventory on the most popular free classified websites, resulting in targeted, high quality phone and Internet leads. A Live Market Monitor allows dealers to track the interest each vehicle is generating in real time and just-in-time ad placement technology ensures listings are posted during peak customer traffic times.

Used Car Inventory Pay-Per-Lead: This used car program enables dealers to post their used vehicle inventory at top automotive sites such as, Vehix, AOL Autos,,,, and AutoUSA’s used car Web site, Where allowed by law, the program offers a pay-per-lead pricing plan, which is a cost-effective alternative to high monthly subscription rates offered by some other companies. AutoUSA’s phone lead service allows consumers to immediately contact dealers by phone when viewing a classified vehicle listing. Unique phone numbers are provided for each dealership, and dealers are only charged for the call if the consumer hasn’t phoned the dealership within the last 30 days and if the call is longer than 65 seconds.

New Vehicle Lead Program featuring Carperks Mobile: AutoUSA’s innovative new vehicle lead program gives dealers exposure on over 100 of the top automotive sites and exclusive access to the industry’s most cutting-edge applications. AutoUSA’s mobile leads program uses an iPhone/iPod Touch application, developed by Carperks, to generate new- and used-vehicle leads. The Carperks car buying discount iPhone app allows mobile car shoppers to access, search and view car inventory from dealer participants in AutoUSA’s Carperks program. It highlights those dealers within the shopper’s local market area that are available to provide price quotes and allows customers to immediately generate digitally formatted discount certificates valued at $100 for the new vehicle of their choice, where allowed by law.

All Internet leads generated from AutoUSA are scrubbed and validated before delivery to dealership customers.

About AutoUSA
AutoUSA, Inc., is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a subsidiary of AutoNation, Inc. (NYSE: AN), the largest retail automotive company in the United States. AutoUSA is an independent provider of leads and services to thousands of dealerships. The company has built its success on a combination of advanced web-based technology and a network that includes the country’s most well respected online automotive resources, including, Kelley Blue Book, MSN Autos, Yahoo! Autos, America Online, NADA Analytical Services Group,, and The vast majority of Ward’s Top 100 eDealers use AutoUSA. More information is available online at

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