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The Refresh Recap – Facebook, Chat Abuse, Reviews, Likes and GenY

Is it  Sunday night already? I hope everyone’s August is shaping up to be a positive one.

What you may have missed…

DealerRefresh – The Blog

1. Is Your Dealership Chat Used or Abused? – Joe wraps up some keen observations on chat and provides us with some actionable data. Are your dealers chatting?

2. Facebook: what has it done for you lately? – Our first guest post from Darrin Michael. Facebook isn’t as important as you think. In fact, most social media really doesn’t help drive sales at all. What do you think? Click here to comment.

3. DealerRater Reviews on Google – What Happened? A Quick Q & A – I sat down with Matt Lamoureux – Vice President of Business Development for DealerRater. We discussed how DealerRater was handling Googles decision to remove 3rd parry reviews.

4. Does Your Dealer Block Social Media? – Studies show over 50% percent of companies block social media in the work place. Does it make sense to block social at the dealership? Click here to comment.

5. A Sneaky Way to “Like” the Competition! – I wrote a quick post on how to subscribe to a dealers facebook wall without having to “like” them by using RSS.

6. Internet 5.0 – Here comes the cloud

7. Why You Should WANT Gen Y Workers in your Dealership – Jade Makana stirs up some conversation over GenY working in the dealership. Will they make it?

DealerRefresh – The Forum

1. QR Codes – In or Out? – Here’s a thread that won’t die. Are you on the QR bandwagon?

2. Email marketing 2.0 vs 1.0

3. Anyone know how to set up a Google Alert for your Google Places page?

4. Who wants a Sharp Probing?

5. Does Video REALLY increase time on site?

6. Dealers flooding review sites with fake user reviews

Deals for Dealers

We also introduced our latest Deals for Dealers offer. I’m personally jumping on-board with this one and geetting my dealers signed up for the FREE 2 months. PureCars Trade-in Reports 2 Months FREE for Dealers

Up & Coming Industry Conferences

1. PCG Pit Stop Conferences scheduled. The dates for these events are:

Vancouver – September 18th
Seattle – September 21st
Toronto – October 20th

More details can be found at http://www.pcgpitstop.com

2. Ignite Dealer Summit in Twin Cities, MN – September 7th – Details can be found at http://www.ignitedealersummit.com

3. Internet Battle Plan 7 in Park Ridge NJ – October 5-7th – Details can be found at http://www.InternetBattlePlan.com

4. DrivingSales Executive Summit in Las Vegas – October 9-11th – Details can be found at http://DrivingSalesExecutiveSummit.com

5. Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas – October 5-7th – Details can be found at http://www.DigitalDealerConference.com

I just noticed that the Digital Dealer Conference and Internet Battle Plan 7 are at the same time. Which one will you be attending?

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    Brian Pasch
  • August 18, 2011
Thanks for including the PCG Pit Stops is the list!!