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Dealix Releases Hassle Free Lead Return Program

Redwood City, CA, May 25, 2010 – Dealix, a Division of Cobalt and the leading provider of automotive customer leads for new and used cars, announced today additional features for its award-winning Hassle Free Lead Return program. Features included in the upgrade, Hassle Free Lead Return TM 2.0, include enhancements that respond to dealer requests for longer periods in which to submit leads and easier ways to return leads.

Dealix launched the Quality Pledge in September 2009. The Quality Pledge specifies that dealers should only receive leads that can result in a car sale, and is backed by a feature set – Hassle Free Lead Return – that allows dealers to return leads that do not meet a criterion of the Quality Pledge. Collectively, the products allow dealers to make sure their lead baskets are optimized during the course of the month, and provide Dealix real-time data with which to manage its lead supply. The popular program was honored with a Market Innovation award by TargusINFO and has seen widespread adoption. Nearly 2,000 dealers are now returning leads each month. Key enhancements in version 2.0 of Hassle Free Lead Return, which were the result of dealer feedback, include:

Increased the time frame for returning leads from seven to 14 days. This gives dealers more time to work and close the leads; Reduced the amount of documentation required to prove a duplicate return. Dealers no longer need to provide a copy of the original lead when they submit a lead for return. They just need to provide original lead date, time and source; and Added ability to enter comments with lead returns, allowing dealers to provide more information about their experience with the lead which enables Dealix to process the lead faster

“With the Quality Pledge, we sought to place the bar for a qualified lead very high. We knew the program was unprecedented and that we would learn how to enhance it as our customers used it and told us about their experience,” said Egon Smola, vice president, New & Used Car Leads Business. “It’s really important to us that the program works for our dealers – fits in with their workflow and, in the end, saves them time and allows them to make more money.”

The program is having a positive impact on sales for Dealix customers. In a recent survey of dealers using the Hassle Free Lead Return program 86% reported that they are able to realize a higher ROI with the Hassle Free Lead Return program because they’re able to replace returned leads with new ones without increasing their spend.

In addition, the Hassle Free Lead Return program is changing dealers’ expectations around what level of service they should receive from lead providers. Nearly seven out of 10 respondents said they will not use a service in the future that lacks a Quality Pledge or robust lead return program.

“The Quality Pledge represents the best offering in the industry and is why I went with Dealix,” said Michael T. Halloran, E-Commerce Director, The Napleton Dealership Group. “I have dropped all other lead providers because of the Dealix Quality Pledge.”

About Dealix
Dealix, a division of Cobalt, is the world’s leading provider of quality leads for new and used cars for dealerships, dealer groups, and automotive manufacturers. Dealix is the only Internet marketing company that backs its new and used car leads with the Dealix Quality PledgeTM: a distinct set of criteria that defines a quality lead and an invitation to use Hassle Free Lead ReturnTM if a lead lacks any one of those criteria. The company can offer this Pledge because it has the broadest reach and the highest quality lead supply network in the industry, including Yahoo! Autos, Kelley Blue Book,, AOL Autos, MSN Autos, and others. Dealix powers the dealer selector and price quote platforms on Yahoo! Autos, AOL Autos and MSN Autos; represents Edmunds’ Premier Dealer Program; and places dealers’ used inventory in the Kelley Blue Book The Trusted MarketplaceSM. Dealix connects dealers with the millions of car shoppers who prefer independent Internet sites when shopping for new cars and used cars online. Dealix’s all new Leads Platform quickly matches thousands of serious new and used vehicle buyers to the most appropriate dealers daily, delivering a quality car buying experience for consumers and providing dealers with one of the most efficient methods available today for marketing and selling cars.
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