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Happy 2013 From DealerRefresh!

And, we’re off! It’s time to start a New Year!

DealerRefresh has seen a great 2012. In case you missed a blog here or there or one of your fellow community members posting to the forums, here’s a few to check out..


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There’s more, oh, so much more…What do you think is in store for you in 2013? What do you think will be your biggest 2013 challenge? Throw your biggest challenge out there to the community and see what sticks, or see who you can help!  While you’re over there, take a look at our 2012 Holiday Tech Gifts and let us know what your Top Picks are.


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More…there’s always more…


We’re not strictly business over here, either. We know a good time when we see it. Let’s not forget our community is there for you even when you’re unsure about jorts, ya know jean shorts. Or, when you need a few ears to vent to about the day-to-day ups and downs of our industry.

big high five and big thanks goes out to each one of our sponsors. Quality over quantity is, and always will be, top of mind for us. Be sure to click on their ads – you never know what unique offer they have for our community.

Stay tuned for the all-new DealerRefresh Blog and Forum redesign!

So, here’s to you DealerRefresh! Thank you for 2012 and for what will be a great 2013!

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