TrueCar Scam on Dealerships – Transparency For ALL?

Since writing Edmunds TMV vs TrueCar – Dealers, wake up! several months ago, it hasn’t taken much time for the BUZZ to build. The industry and dealers are starting to see exactly what is happening and how WE DEALERS have been feeding the beast for years by allowing services like Zag and TrueCar the freedom to obtain our transactional data.

I’ve encouraged dealers to audit their DMS export fields every 6 months.

I urged dealers to NOT allow these companies to have your transactional data.

I brought to light that fact that some of these services are asking dealers to sign a Perpetual Contract

Over in the forums we have asked if TrueCar is using Zag Dealer Data to Create Value? – 4 pages of comments
My original post asking dealers to Wake Up because it’s not only Zag/TrueCat that wants your data – 70+ comments
Jeremy Alicandri’s Death of a salesman? Or dot-com bust:

Our good friend Jerry has a few words to say (after his TrueCar has his original video removed) …

Then we have Brad Kargui’s video…

TrueCar Jesse Toprak speaking on Transparency and Haggle Free Selling

The list goes on… (if you can add the the list, please do so in the comments)

Who’s going to win the race to the bottom?

Jeff Kershner

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