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Barack Obama impersonator selling Kia Sorrentos

Has anyone seen this?

Central Kia, a Dallas area Kia dealer commercial features a Barack Obama impersonator selling Kia Sorrentos for $11,888!! We have all seen dealers come up with some crazy shit for commercials but this is another classic and SO VERY VIRAL!

Even the daily show picked it up.

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Simonizing - "Free at last, free at last!" - there goes my gross!! Lol, that was a great way to start the week... Kevin Frye/eCommerce Director/Jeff Wyler Automotive Family/
Eh, actually the ad itself doesn't strike me as out-of-the-box or over-the-top at all... I've seen the same exact thing done before, using the current President at the time. The dealer lucked out big time here, getting this much exposure for something only mildly creative.

And of course, the Ad Agency was even luckier, because now they can run around touting their "Viral Marketing" capabilities. I'm sure there are a handful of dealers calling them up right now... "I want you to gimme something like that Obama thing - you know, something that will get Daily Show exposure."
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    Lao Shi
  • June 19, 2008

Once again KIA is leading the way to success. We must give credit where it is do.
lol -- wow.. I hadn't seen this one before! Thanks for sharing!
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    Steven Isakson
  • July 16, 2008
excellent job of advertising-almost as good as the Credit pimp in philiadelphia
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  • April 25, 2019
With that kia com. We ial with Obama. Now I know I will NEVER SHOP THERE!! Keep