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Bitten by Blogs?

I found this interesting article about blogs and googling on the Wards Auto website.  I’ve been on the Blog bandwagon for some time now. I’ve had a blog for my son since the day he was born (over 2 years) and I started this blog ( as a way of getting my thoughts, opinions, and obstacles as a automotive internet sales manager and marketing director out there for others to read and comment about. I also run a Mercedes Blog that pushes traffic to our Mercedes dealer website. There is no doubt that Blogs can be a great asset to any dealers online marketing efforts.

The article also talks about SEO for your dealership website. Here is a quote from the article "SEO, also known as search engine marketing, is new to automotive marketing. Dealers using it are reporting good results but many Internet managers still are unaware of what it is. At a recent seminar, only two Internet managers out of 50 in attendance said they were familiar with it."

I feel as if it’s important for an Internet marketing director or sales manager to have some familiarity with search engine marketing. Dealers continue to spend THOUSANDS a week or month on traditional print media and yields to next to no results. I could only IMAGINE what I would be able to do with the same monthly budget spent on the average dealers prints ads and apply that amount to online about tremendous ROI !!

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