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Increase Your Traffic Without Increasing Your Advertising Spend – Webinar

Increase Your Dealerships Traffic Without Increasing Your Advertising Spend

AIADA and CarFax Presents is hosting a FREE Webinar:

Date and time: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Panelist(s) Info: Jay Luna

Process Improvement Manager, CARFAX

Duration: 30 minutes

Description: This FREE 30 minute webinar will examine the best practices that leading dealers are using to get more return on their advertising investment. Jay Luna, Process Improvement Manager with CARFAX, will be bringing real life tips that you can introduce into your already successful process to get more from your advertising and used car operations.

  • What is your vehicle history process?
  • Are you ensuring that your online listings have the information your customers want?
  • Learn some great new ways that you can increase your exposure without increasing your advertising spend

UPDATE: Listen to the recorded webinare – Increase Your Traffic Without Increasing Your Advertising Spend

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Good Webinar... not a fan of WebEx... if it was on something like Acrobat Connect where no 10MB dl is required... I would have loved it better... as installed required me to restart FireFox... kept on going into full screen... and crashed FireFox at the end... other then WebEx issues it was good... mainly covered the CarFax benefits... not much new information. Q&A had some good questions/answers... Was surprised by one the polls... regarding use of CarFax in online advertising... had 0% response. errr.
I feel bad, I posted the seminar and was not able to attend until the last minute.

Thanks for your comment Umer.

I train my dealers to really leverage CarFax. My favorite is offering to Fax a copy of the CarFax to the customer. They never expect it. PLUS..since most people are not truly aware on how to read a CarFax, offering to help educate the customer usually results in some great rapport building.

So many tools at our disposal and so often overlooked and not utilized.
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    Armand LeVasseur
  • December 17, 2008
Umer - I am sorry about that technical difficulty. As the organizer of the event, I will be contacting WebEx to ensure that does not happen in the future.

The fact that 0% responded as using CARFAX in their advertising caught my eye as well. Whether known or not, the availability of CARFAX is there for everyone to take advantage of in all of their online listings.

I hope everyone was able to take some best practices out of the webinar yesterday. We are looking forward to providing more of these in the coming year so our dealers can learn more online without leaving the dealership.

Armand LeVasseur
Dealer Marketing Manager