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Eight Week Automotive SEM Education Now Open to Dealers Without Cost

Our friend Brian Pasch with PCG Digital Marketing is holding an Automotive SEM study for dealerships and enrollment is free! During this study dealers will learn how to create, manage and execute paid digital advertising campaigns in this eight-week study.

If you have thinking of getting into the SEM game or considering bringing your Search Engine Marketing / Paid Search in-house, this is a great opportunity to pick up some good advise, tips and tricks for optimizing your performance.

Members will be trained and coached on the proper setup, execution, and measurement of paid advertising campaigns. The primary focus will be on Google and Facebook marketing with a secondary focus on Yahoo and Bing advertising.

Brian is only accepting 100 members so be sure to sign up NOW!

PCG Digital Marketing today announced a follow up study to their widely popular Automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) study going on now. The new study, Automotive Search Engine Marketing (SEM), will guide 100 dealers through creating, managing, and analyzing paid digital marketing campaigns.

Automotive Internet sales and marketing professionals who are currently working at car dealerships and want to master powerful SEM tools and strategies to improve the search visibility of their website are invited to participate in the Automotive Search Engine Marketing study. The study is open to employees of car dealers only.

The Automotive SEM Study will be limited to 100 automotive dealers. Enrollment is free and is now open. Dealers who wish to participate in the 8-week program will need to devote 2-3 hours per week to the study as well as a minimum of $1,000 per month to go directly to their dealer’s paid digital marketing campaigns.

For more information about enrolling in the study, please visit and sign up using the link on the right.

Study members will be trained and coached on the proper setup, execution, and measurement of paid advertising campaigns. The primary focus will be on Google and Facebook marketing with a secondary focus on Yahoo and Bing advertising.

The 100 participating dealers will have access to winning digital marketing strategies, marketing outlines, tutorials, and websites managed by PCG Digital Marketing that will enhance the results of their work. In return, members in the study will share the results of their work and be included in a whitepaper being prepared by PCG Digital Marketing.

The first webinar of the study kicks off on February 15th 2011.

The requirements to participate in the study are:

1. Participants must be an employee of a car dealership, proof will be required.
2. Participants must have written permission to setup a PPC campaign and have a budget to run the campaigns.
3. Participants must have an email address from an active dealership domain.
4. Members in the study will be required to dedicate up to 3 hours a week to complete the tasks required for success.
5. Participants must be willing to share the results of their work to allow the data to be summarized* in the final study whitepaper.

* No confidential data or specific dealership website results will be published in the whitepaper or made public without written permission from participant.

Register For Study

Dealers interested in participating should register online at . PCG Digital Marketing retains the right to decline dealer participation in the Automotive SEM Study based on conflicts of interest with current clients.

Pretty sweet deal. Curious to know how many dealers are having Success with Facebook ads.
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  • December 28, 2010
Does the minimum of $1000 budget mean that we will have to spend the full $1000, or just what is required to get the results we need? We are in a fairly small (100,000 +) market, and there is very little (if any) AdWords activity in our area, I am unsure of wether or not we would need to spend over $1000 a month.

The idea is that in order to test A/B landing pages you need to drive enough traffic to see which design is working best. The $1,000 is an approximate number that are suggesting since anything less would mean that you might miss out on A/B testing.

What you learn can of course help you run a small Adwords campaign (<$1,000) you would just be making a call that your design is optimized.

So you don't have to spend it all if you don't want to or the market doesn't draw that much traffic.
I just completed the Automotive SEO Study and am already looking forward to the SEM study. If you want to be leading in your market, you need to be always getting continuing education for new ideas and better processes. Brian is one of the best and I encourage folks to join, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!